This is unmissable! | Kieran Tierney & Emile Smith Rowe | UnClassic Commentary

11. feb.. 2021
153 050 Ganger

Join Kieran Tierney and Emile Smith Rowe as they provide some UnClassic Commentary for our 3-1 victory over Chelsea at Emirates Stadium.
#arsenal #kierantierney #emilesmithrowe
Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.
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  • ESR deffo says obviously as ovisee

    MorelloMorello7 dager siden
  • Who remembers when auba and laca did this vs spurs

    Mr_xwahimMr_xwahim8 dager siden
  • Whats absolutely amazing about tierney is how he revels in the pressure. He will go far in life. Thats so good to see

    Ola AkinladeOla Akinlade10 dager siden
  • Tierney is so funny I don't think he realises it

    lilvilley 20lilvilley 2011 dager siden
  • Good commentary

    Deno DennisDeno Dennis11 dager siden
  • Bukayo absolutely meant that goal.

    CrispyBudaCrispyBuda12 dager siden

    Adan DanielAdan Daniel12 dager siden

    Lucas JaparidzeLucas Japaridze14 dager siden
  • Tierney is pretty much the no-nonsense guy in a club full of jokesters like Auba and Laca. He's gonna make a good captain one day

    Diva AlfirmanDiva Alfirman14 dager siden
  • KT is actually a half decent commentators

    anesu makosaanesu makosa14 dager siden
  • Leno was not getting there😭

    Phenyo ModisanePhenyo Modisane15 dager siden
  • Leno was not getting there😭

    Phenyo ModisanePhenyo Modisane15 dager siden
  • kumur2 bang

    IZZI 12-2IZZI 12-216 dager siden
  • "Leno had it covered though"

    Bertie MunnBertie Munn16 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks tierney isn't taking this seriously, he's being sarcastic

    Luke KavanaghLuke Kavanagh16 dager siden
  • My guys!!!

    J 1J 116 dager siden
  • KT has a real future in commentary. I'm looking forward to hearing him on TV whenever he hangs up the boots. What a guy!

    Nonder 92Nonder 9217 dager siden
  • We need to realise that arteta was great playing against big teams but we are losing because of irresponsible senior players and have to be replaced by huge money that we are lacking . Kroenke is not providing enough money to us !

    Neeta SarawadeNeeta Sarawade17 dager siden
  • KT is in short sleeves and shorts when it’s -5deg and snowing outside.. but he wears a tracksuit indoors. What’s the temp on that air conditioning?

    Kelvin AuKelvin Au17 dager siden
  • Kieran Tierney complimenting his teammates for 5 minutes

    December SumaDecember Suma17 dager siden
  • That Scottish voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Slick WadeySlick Wadey17 dager siden
  • 😍

    Innocent MubiruInnocent Mubiru17 dager siden
  • I’ve never seen so little emotion

    Miles TaylorMiles Taylor17 dager siden

    mandy hillmandy hill17 dager siden
  • Young gunner stars, the future now.

    mandy hillmandy hill17 dager siden
  • We need more of unclassic commentary

    αχτrο ay лол ツαχτrο ay лол ツ17 dager siden
  • If you transfer Karabakh footballer Mahir Emreli to your club, he will play very well. He is talented.

    AZE OYUNÇUAZE OYUNÇU17 dager siden
  • ROBINHO! Love it KT.

    Viking FireflyViking Firefly17 dager siden
  • So they're not as entertaining on the mic as they are on the pitch. Hmmm

    Bee TeeBee Tee17 dager siden
  • auba and laca standards guys..

    SoupySoupy17 dager siden
  • So I guess Smith row will be home this week and tierny is bsck

    Alan JaniAlan Jani17 dager siden
  • Two of my favourite players

    Richard SinghRichard Singh17 dager siden
  • Love KT 💘

    The TruthThe Truth17 dager siden
  • Love these kids.

    D DD D17 dager siden
  • I think no one can beat A uba and Laca in this commentary series , they were a little bit boring tbh

    Sourav SinghSourav Singh17 dager siden
  • boring episode, @Arsenal dont do that anymore using ZOOM or skype

    Jan SailaJan Saila17 dager siden
  • Why these men doing this???? Big up KT and ESR. Let's get the season on track boys. COYG!

    Kumar SharmaKumar Sharma17 dager siden
  • Nice trying guys. I missed Martin Tyler one the best commentator in England.

    Michael ArkajiloMichael Arkajilo17 dager siden
  • After football Emile has a future as commentator.

    Unesh DahalUnesh Dahal17 dager siden

    Fredi SjostedtFredi Sjostedt17 dager siden
  • I wouldn’t say this was unmissable

    Abdulaziz AliAbdulaziz Ali17 dager siden
  • I’m sorry but KT sounds like roy keane doing commentary 😂😂

    IzzyweezyIzzyweezy17 dager siden
  • No offence, but laca and aubameyang have a lot more chemistry and are more entertaining

    Fungusz _Fungusz _17 dager siden
  • instead of fart arsing around on social media get on the training pitch and learn, this is the mentality of the club no wonder they don`t win anything! Overpaid bang average players, 13 th in the league and without a care in the world, this team needs to go down,!!

    CryptoTabCryptoTab17 dager siden
  • two v v sound boys

    eddie goodeddie good17 dager siden
  • Worst one so far. Lol. So boring

    Mr OkMr Ok17 dager siden
  • Woah, unclassic commentary 6 weeks after the game instead of 4 months

    PeeperPeeper17 dager siden
  • This was so boring but I have now learnt that Saka’s goal was accidental

    anonymous nameanonymous name17 dager siden
  • KT calls Saka goal an accidental goal😂😂😂😂😂😂

    MoMo NasriMoMo Nasri17 dager siden
  • The duo I never knew I needed ❤❤ esr and kt, love them

    Serena DhandeSerena Dhande17 dager siden
  • This was very missable

    Ali AlsabbahAli Alsabbah17 dager siden
  • Booth bright future for Arsenal. Wish you all the best!

    Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬEthio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ17 dager siden
  • tbh they don't sound like they want to be there

    Ryan MolstadRyan Molstad17 dager siden
  • They should’ve used the West Brom game for these two

    SimbaSimba17 dager siden
  • Ahh man I love Kieran even more after watching this! What a guy, we are one lucky club to have him

    Nathan JNathan J17 dager siden
  • Turned off immediately when KT said actions speak louder than words

    Tom WhitfieldTom Whitfield17 dager siden
  • If kieran doesn't become captain i dont know where our morals lie. He is the perfect example of what a captain should be.

    Richard Vallejo GarciaRichard Vallejo Garcia17 dager siden
  • This is kind of boring

    Ethan ClaridgeEthan Claridge17 dager siden
  • Smith Rowe: taking this as a joke Kieran Tierney: taking this so seriously

    Ez GaMiNg_YTEz GaMiNg_YT17 dager siden
    • @shiesh 🤣

      Prince HezronPrince Hezron16 dager siden
    • Critical analysis.

      Pozxcety 5Pozxcety 516 dager siden
    • @shiesh happens to me all the time when I visit my girlfriend, she always calls the cops and runs away😒

      NobodyNobody16 dager siden
    • @shiesh what the hell that was so random 😂

      Best Minecraft KingBest Minecraft King17 dager siden
    • Same with me and my my girlfriend. I cook her some dinner and she just shouts at me and tells me to leave her property. Women are so complicated😒

      shieshshiesh17 dager siden
  • K: it's a penalty Esr: I'll you what..

    enshalla123enshalla12317 dager siden
  • The commentary is crazy funny...🤣🤣🤣🤣

    jephthah oshiokejephthah oshioke17 dager siden
  • « Oh look at that, we have the toenails out to see if it was offside » « Oh we’re not even seeing it back it must have not been a penalty » « Leno has something to do now »🤣😂😂 Tierney had too much fun and too many things to say

    Tropical_ KillTropical_ Kill17 dager siden
  • Up the gunners!

    C2SC2S17 dager siden
  • This is why we are 11th 😭

    D2SD2S17 dager siden
  • 2 goats!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️💜

    Arun RokaArun Roka17 dager siden
  • The lack of emotion jut makes it funny

    ethan _nousernameethan _nousername17 dager siden
  • Worst commentary ever😂

    Godwin SottieGodwin Sottie17 dager siden
  • Kieran commentating on his West Brom goal is needed next

    Nandan NayakNandan Nayak17 dager siden
  • No one Kieran the whole video: I'll tell you what

    08 anvay sharma08 anvay sharma17 dager siden
  • Elneeeennyyy

    Arjun VPArjun VP17 dager siden
  • Esr is a wonderful player but has such a boring voice

    Alec BAlec B17 dager siden
  • “Ahhhh see you later mate”~ ESR😂

    Matthew BarrettMatthew Barrett17 dager siden
  • Tierney and Smith Rowe are so good

    Oliver WatsonOliver Watson17 dager siden
  • Love how they call holding Robhinio 😂😂

    Ryan CraneRyan Crane17 dager siden
    • its brilliant 😂

      The RoninThe Ronin11 dager siden
  • We need you back soon Tierny 👊👊

    Robert KarlssonRobert Karlsson17 dager siden
  • They know what’s gonna happen every time so there’s no proper reaction 🤣

    AJC musicAJC music17 dager siden
  • This is such a boring one

    Mr. KrasniQiMr. KrasniQi17 dager siden
  • ESR the next big No.10 of England and Arsenal

  • Love that Tierney addresses the fans who were angry at Xhaka for not posting an apology on Instagram for his red card. He instead apologized with good performances since.

    Cristian BurgessCristian Burgess17 dager siden
  • We miss you tierney we miss you

    temesgen kahsaytemesgen kahsay17 dager siden
  • Bast commentary I have ever come across!

    AnimeshAnimesh17 dager siden
  • My favorite club,i love arsenal Gooners gooners from indonesia NOworldr🙋‍♂️

    alfian viyunalfian viyun17 dager siden
  • Google Box Commentary

    GriffanyGriffany17 dager siden
  • Kieran Tierney and ESR enthusiasm levels is how I feel about everyday life rn lol

    Noel McGovernNoel McGovern17 dager siden
  • i swear neither of them are wanting to be there. emile sounds like he's dying inside and tierney, well thee scottish accent hides all emotion but I think he wants to leave as well.

    Ivan SmithIvan Smith17 dager siden
    • @Feelinsupersonic agree with this, listen to tierney in Celtic interviews and you’ll hear the difference

      MemetroseMemetrose2 dager siden
    • Believe it or not, but Kieran is putting on an accent here. I'm from Glasgow and live in the North of England and I have to adjust my accent to sound like this just so any one has a slight clue as to what we are saying hahah

      FeelinsupersonicFeelinsupersonic17 dager siden
    • @Arsenal O not to leave the club, just stop what they're doing and do stuff like training.

      Ivan SmithIvan Smith17 dager siden
    • @Arsenal O he was talking about the video lad

      Mark MurphyMark Murphy17 dager siden
    • To leave arsenal, bc they're bored, are u mad😂

      Arsenal OArsenal O17 dager siden
  • KT needs to be captain next year

    John SmithJohn Smith17 dager siden
  • Lmaooo hhaha

    snowyCSsnowyCS17 dager siden
  • I can't understand what tierney is trying to say, accent is tough man🤷‍♂️

    Venkatesh ManoharanVenkatesh Manoharan17 dager siden
  • 0:40 Leno was nowhere near it, mate! 🤣🤣🤣

    Thabo SeithathiThabo Seithathi17 dager siden
    • Nahh fam, he was ready for it but stopped mid jump because he realized that it was outside the goal so he just landed safely on the ground

      Stephan FalckStephan Falck17 dager siden
  • Tierney ✌✌

    Namcha StationNamcha Station17 dager siden
  • be patient, just pray that he will always be fine... @KT 😊

    nawi nawiyahnawi nawiyah17 dager siden
  • I REALLY wanna see Saka and Martinelli next time!

    HallonnHallonn17 dager siden
    • language barrier

      Armzilla 123Armzilla 1237 dager siden
    • @Chap Chap what interview?

      RDRD16 dager siden
    • @RD He does speak English. He said in an interview before that he jokes around with Saka everyday and the only language Saka speaks is English. So 1+1=2. Also if he doesnt speak English, his teammates wouldnt be commenting on his pics in English and even wishing him a good birthday and a speedy recovery from injuries in English.

      Chap ChapChap Chap16 dager siden
    • @RD I think hes speaks decent English now, compared to when he came.

      Serena DhandeSerena Dhande17 dager siden
    • i don’t think martinelli speaks english

      RDRD17 dager siden
  • I love them both but lads need to up their enthusiasm for unClassic Commentary next time!

    kaustubh pawarkaustubh pawar17 dager siden
  • Tierney 😍

    Janky DausatJanky Dausat17 dager siden
  • Can y'all do this for the aston villa game as well?

    Bro KenBro Ken17 dager siden
  • It’s just not the same as when they do it in person

    D_winston1738D_winston173817 dager siden
  • Kt:”I don’t think he meant that” and Abraham:”you didn’t mean that shut up man” 😂😂😂

    ZK DKZK DK17 dager siden
    • @N.S ye

      ZK DKZK DK17 dager siden
    • Hes salty.. i do think he meant it tbh maybe kt was joking. Just the way he looks up

      N.SN.S17 dager siden
    • Well now we know that Saka didnt actually mean to score since its coming from Tierney himself but the others dont nees to know that😂

      Tropical_ KillTropical_ Kill17 dager siden
  • I fookin love KT and ESR

    PrkrtrPrkrtr17 dager siden
  • Thankfully we had a bit of luck on that day along with the performance.

    PradhanPradhan17 dager siden
  • Miss KT bombing down that left hand side please come back soon frm ur injury mate

    Dion •Dion •17 dager siden