Partey, Tierney, Balogun, Bielsa & Leeds | Mikel Arteta | Press Conference

12. feb.. 2021
68 580 Ganger

Press Conference timecodes:
0:00 - Thomas Partey's injury
1:45 - Mat Ryan's debut
3:40 - Kieran Tierney's fitness
5:07 - Nicolas Pepe's form
5:53 - Social media abuse
11:40 - Size of Premier League squads
12:45 - Leeds United
13:51 - Europa League
15:52 - Gabriel Martinelli
17:39 - Folarin Balogun
#arsenal #thomaspartey #nicolaspepe
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  • We don't need Willian. Pls stop play him.

    Geri UkGeri Uk14 dager siden
  • We 11 in the league Guys this is now embarrassing I love Mikel but this is embrassing

    Eric LakorEric Lakor15 dager siden
  • We move, we more good, just needed the time to shine.. In arteta i believe COYG

    Ofieq GunzOfieq Gunz15 dager siden
  • No Balogun no win just remember I said that.

    RiddleF7RiddleF715 dager siden
  • What a dumb question "are there any updates on the website?". Uhh geee guyyy idkkk

    ShazShaz15 dager siden
  • AFTV are to blame for the toxicity around the club, Robbie(Luton Fan) and the rest of the morons need sectioning.

    DavidDavid15 dager siden
  • We want to see Arsenal in a running and running and running mood today. G Xhaka the commander in chief, Guts on it Mr.

    Sitaki nongwaSitaki nongwa15 dager siden
  • You are a fraud, you sold Martinez and you are rubbish with no experience, you lucky u still in charge, worse than Franck Lampard..useless coach

    ponpon matondoponpon matondo15 dager siden
  • We going down if Pepe or Willian plays.

    Kampong Tabuan JKKKampong Tabuan JKK15 dager siden
  • Arsenal is wasting time with Arteta. We aren’t going anywhere.

    moses lusingamoses lusinga15 dager siden
  • We need josh Doig 18 yo lb Scottish doing really good he’s like tierney

    S7lenczS7lencz15 dager siden
    • @4737Carlin no

      S7lenczS7lencz12 dager siden
    • Always injured?

      4737Carlin4737Carlin15 dager siden
  • s/o to the reporter who asked about Balogun and Martinelli lol real questions

    Teeej j5Teeej j515 dager siden
  • How we a get so much muscular injuries

    Karume HuieKarume Huie15 dager siden
  • Great question about Balogun 👍😚

    Jason SmithJason Smith15 dager siden
  • You are the best manager at giving excuses!!!! Lmao play PL matches

    Zaman KazmiZaman Kazmi15 dager siden
  • Hey leave the team you don't have clue at all. 10 loses are enough for you to be sacked

    Hiermon KflayHiermon Kflay15 dager siden
  • You can see that Arteta has been given insurances that he will have a job till dooms day by the ambitionless owner, otherwise he won't be all laughy and joky for a man that has lost more games than he has won this year

    Osteoman 74Osteoman 7415 dager siden
  • am the big fun of Mikel Arteta from Ethiopia. am sure we went have The bright features with him but we have to give more time so come down Gooners.

    davoo Smdavoo Sm15 dager siden
  • Mikel make Arsenal great again. We believe in you 💪👊

    Stylianos 14Stylianos 1416 dager siden
    • You not we

      4737Carlin4737Carlin15 dager siden
  • Great thing about Arteta is At least We are back to boring Arsenal again.

    ZixZax ZolZixZax Zol16 dager siden

    paulio412paulio41216 dager siden
  • I'ld like to see coach Arteta grow his hair long😎

    Henrynator DavidHenrynator David16 dager siden
  • I will Tell all of you. Partey is the next invalid guy like Rosicky etc. Im fed up with this glas jaw guys. Cancel his contract and send him Back were he comes from !!! He is been here for 6months maybe and Played like 3 games damnnn !!!

    MG GMMG GM16 dager siden
  • Why does Mikel Arteta remind me so much of a character in 80's TV series "Terra Hawks"......Hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Michael FarojoyeMichael Farojoye16 dager siden
  • arteta out!!!!

    B4444B444416 dager siden
  • Even mid table finish is not likely the way things have been. Europa League chances slim to none. I don't think I'm pessimistic, this is being realistic. Would so love to be wrong, I have been and am a Gunner through much of thick and thin, never like this now.

    Tom GolabTom Golab16 dager siden
  • We only starting winning again in December when Martinelli came back into the squad. ESR is younger than him. I would need more clarity by what you meant is he still young

    MrArsenal gunnerMrArsenal gunner16 dager siden
    • @Jar Jar Binks I'm just saying Pepe is better on the left and Laca with less than six months left on his contract.

      MrArsenal gunnerMrArsenal gunner15 dager siden
    • It's ridiculous that he rates willian more than martinelli. Its actually insane how someone could think that.

      Jar Jar BinksJar Jar Binks15 dager siden
  • ArtetaIN

    Alexx AllertAlexx Allert16 dager siden
  • Yes arsenal is my team and it's hurt so much when the referee's ref against us but still no way on this earth anymore have the right to send death treat to any ref and their families, that's unacceptable , let's be other brothers and sisters keepers...plz

    Waynz FadiWaynz Fadi16 dager siden
  • Where is pablo mari??? 🙄

    central Java Esportcentral Java Esport16 dager siden
  • Arteta from star to the end. Hope Pepe have a good game in a win for us....come on gunners we need the win🔴

    mayton millermayton miller16 dager siden
  • If we dont win this im Arteta out and Nagelsmann inn

    Marius ChristensenMarius Christensen16 dager siden
    • Kl

      Young GoonerYoung Gooner16 dager siden
  • Incompetent manager.... please resign

    Rodrigo HuichalaoRodrigo Huichalao16 dager siden
  • I really hope you dont use willian in the future because you got nelsson and martinelli for aub backup please...

    Ahmad Amir ZulhafizAhmad Amir Zulhafiz16 dager siden
  • Was saliba asked about before I watch?

    A AA A16 dager siden
  • Regardless of whether or not you think he isn't a good manager, those people abusing his family are complete scum and are not true fans. Well I say those people, it was probably just lee gunner.

    Jamie SteinhauerJamie Steinhauer16 dager siden
  • Please tell this manger His players didn't play 70min with attacking and defending....they don't fight for the ball once they lost That's way we end with injuries. Look example Liverpool and city They attack together and defend together Example Mane and Salah not waiting for the ball to come to them They go to the ball Even you buy Mesi in Arsenal will be the same Lose the ball and go gained the ball

    michael yemanemichael yemane16 dager siden
  • Arsenal lost 10 Epl games almost a half of amount of games we played🤯

    Omar AbdullahiOmar Abdullahi16 dager siden
  • Nothing to be enthusiastic about this match with all this bad news and injury updates. Arsenal to lose or draw again. Up gunners still.

    Nelmab MayowaNelmab Mayowa16 dager siden
    • Life as an Arsenal fan this decade

      Mumin OloruntolaMumin Oloruntola16 dager siden
  • Really like Arteta but not very pleased that we are now behind teams like Leicester, West Ham and Villa. Also struggle to beat teams like Palace and Wolves on a regular basis

    Hamid KhanHamid Khan16 dager siden
  • man i hope Partey isnt gonna become like Diaby

    The Neophyte JournalThe Neophyte Journal16 dager siden
  • This man is a fraud. Expect to see willian play at some point. 🤦🏽‍♂️🙈

    mistamista16 dager siden
    • People just like using colorful words........Fraud....please!!!

      tomite2001tomite200113 dager siden
    • If william plays its because of contract closure.Simple(Edu & board make the contracts, not Arteta).To watch a football game it is one thing but to understand the background it is another thing

      Stee VStee V16 dager siden
  • Black balagon😂😂😂 17:16... BLM... that guy should get fired tho jokes aside

    SpecialFXSpecialFX16 dager siden
    • You caught it too! 😳 🤦🏽‍♂️

      alex gooneralex gooner15 dager siden
  • No Balogun no win.

    Jean ApollonJean Apollon16 dager siden
    • Cap. He was leading the line tonight for the u23s and they lost by 3 goals to 0. So you are totally wrong.

      Caitlyn LefifiCaitlyn Lefifi16 dager siden
  • Wait did man just call him "Black Balogun? 17.40

    Darkkus PangDarkkus Pang16 dager siden
    • Yes.

      Caitlyn LefifiCaitlyn Lefifi16 dager siden
  • He looks STRESSED and he should be. I allow it this season but if we are in the same positions in the next season Arteta can go for me. This summer could be very crucial with al lot of deadwood going. Big signings needed and no more excuses for arteta, edu, the board and the owner!!!!!

    StefaneStefane16 dager siden
    • Yes

      Jar Jar BinksJar Jar Binks15 dager siden
  • Refs doing everything they can to disrupt our games falling over themselves to punish us, but here comes Arteta with his Cape? I understand the values of the club but not even Wenger would Cape like this for the refs.

    Darkkus PangDarkkus Pang16 dager siden
  • As cliche as it is. Trust the process, there’s a reason why you hear it all the time. He was appointed for a reason and despite the results if you actually pay attention to the football, it has improved massively. Mistakes are still being made by the manager, players, referees. But as said already it’s a long process and the important thing is that progress is being made and that we are learning from our mistakes. For several years now we’ve been talking about our defensive problems, so far we have had a very solid defensive record. We’ve been falling for a Vieira-esque/ top midfielder: we got Partey. We were struggling creatively for a while this season: we brought ESR in and Odegaard on loan and our transitional play has been improving massively. It’s a slow process but you have got to trust it and give the players/manager time to fit in and rectify their mistakes. Theres no point in rushing and abusing players and managers. Firstly from a purely human sense it is disgraceful and secondly football wise there is not point either. All it does is make them lose confidence feel uncomfortable affecting their mental health as well as their football.

    Oliver BurriOliver Burri16 dager siden
  • The Prat Journo says Leeds style of play will not get you far in the long run and yet Leeds sit above Arsenal in The Table. LMAO

    Patrick AndersonPatrick Anderson16 dager siden
  • It's just disgusting how people feel great by abusing a public figures family just because they aren't doing a very good job

    Shreerang GupteShreerang Gupte16 dager siden
  • Must win

    AAAA16 dager siden
  • Same Crap Questions all about Injuries ,hardly anything about The Game.

    Patrick AndersonPatrick Anderson16 dager siden
  • Artets gonna turn it around folks 💯

    LeonLeon16 dager siden
  • Aresnal can win every they will play thing is they need to believe and put the game to bed early

    Jay Jay RockstarJay Jay Rockstar16 dager siden
  • To be honest willian doesn't fit in with arsenal but arteta will still play him

    Jay Jay RockstarJay Jay Rockstar16 dager siden
    • @atus kabunga I dont think he really affects martinelli as martinelli plays on the left.

      NUTNUT15 dager siden
    • @NUT I'd rather Martinelli

      atus kabungaatus kabunga15 dager siden
    • To be fair to willian after he lost his spot he seems to have improved and played decent when given the opportunity. I still think hes a decent squad player but I'd still rather see someone like riess nelson get the minutes that he's getting.

      NUTNUT16 dager siden
  • Leeds play like TOTTENHAM they use counter attack

    Jay Jay RockstarJay Jay Rockstar16 dager siden
    • call em Spuds lol

      TheGooner28TheGooner2816 dager siden
  • Nothing but a win

    Ejiofor MichaelEjiofor Michael16 dager siden
  • Arteta must go he is conflict coach, where is Ozil now,no one like yet in Arsenal team.he is very creative player.

    ismail jumaismail juma17 dager siden
  • Top 4 may be a pipe dream now but I dont know why people think West Ham in 6th are not catchable. Hopefully between now and the end of the season we can pick off (go above) Leeds, Villa, Spurs, Everton and West Ham .. sure its a challenge but not impossible.

    KPFTV EddieKPFTV Eddie17 dager siden
    • Our next few games look pretty tough tho

      Spark SpaceSpark Space16 dager siden
  • Il faut garder Balogun 👍

    Trosviet TrosvietTrosviet Trosviet17 dager siden
  • Desperation of some fans in hiding behind the smartphones to spew vitriol and insults to players and our manager MIKEL is so sad. Only a few of those who are hurting tend to hurt others to feel good. A real gunner supporter can't do this.

    Clay OdariClay Odari17 dager siden
    • Arteta is lucky and will be very grateful that the fans aren't in the stadium as he will be verbally abused at most games with the shite he's delivering on the pitch

      4737Carlin4737Carlin15 dager siden
  • With that many ads we should be buying haaland in the summer

    SohailSAyedSohailSAyed17 dager siden
    • He will never go to Arsenal. I'm sorry

      AdrianAdrian16 dager siden
  • Per Mertesacker, Steve Bould and the rest of the Academy big whips should be embarrassed or leave, all these Young players but not even one decent kid who can play left back for the 1st team, what's their Job then, Balogun may leave so what do they really do, its embarrassing that no 18, 19, 20 year-old is good enough.

    Faysal HarounFaysal Haroun17 dager siden
  • Leave if u love arsenal

    wanje georgewanje george17 dager siden
  • Imagine sending abuse and death threats to Arteta's family just because you're unhappy with him...

    GoonerGooner17 dager siden
    • Inexcusable and the culprits need to e sought out and dealt with.

      Amesy20Amesy2014 dager siden
    • The position was open when arsenal was doing so bad but those with big mouth and death threat did nothing. Mikel took the job despite all that, why because his love for the team. He believes in his project which is a bout to break through, now is people want to divert his attention. For me it's silly

      Alex MAC:ONYANGOAlex MAC:ONYANGO16 dager siden
    • Ppl doing that are only making things worse stressing the guy out

      Spark SpaceSpark Space16 dager siden
    • Honestly, even if you don’t think artetas fit to run arsenal your not the one who will decide. It’s the boards decision whether they think arteta is fit. Sending death threats does absolutely nothing but make arteta fall out of love with the club.

      kwasi senpaikwasi senpai17 dager siden
  • Start Ødegaard

    FK TebreFK Tebre17 dager siden
  • Bring torreia back

    Never Look backNever Look back17 dager siden
  • All those people who threating on social media should be investigated...

    Challenge acceptedChallenge accepted17 dager siden
  • What’s up with Arsenal and muscular injuries?

    Abukar HusseinAbukar Hussein17 dager siden
  • Why pablo Mari always left out did we sign him or what 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Daddyori clarks Aka YoYoDaddyori clarks Aka YoYo17 dager siden
  • rest partey for Benfica.

    The PlayerFromSlovakiaThe PlayerFromSlovakia17 dager siden
  • Another lost

    Its MEIts ME17 dager siden
  • No one going to ask why Willian gets so much game time?

    MrSanchy123MrSanchy12317 dager siden
    • @Stee V oh stop. They are both equally to blame. Arteta should show some balls and common sense and not play him.

      Jar Jar BinksJar Jar Binks15 dager siden
    • Contracts closure(Edu is behind all this,not mikel Arteta)

      Stee VStee V16 dager siden
  • Arteta out

    Mikias AlemayehuMikias Alemayehu17 dager siden
  • Please keep pepe on the bench. Laca, martinelly, row-smith, saka. Let them play up-front. Then cetric xhaka, and Mohamed elleni but them back anf let them support the defence Arsenal needs 2play diamond shape, upfront and centre. If pepe will be starting line up this comming match am 100%sure arsenal will be beaten.

    Mbarack RamseyMbarack Ramsey17 dager siden
    • Above all is Arsenal's success

      Mbarack RamseyMbarack Ramsey15 dager siden
    • Do u want to ruin Pepe confidence

      Young GoonerYoung Gooner16 dager siden
  • The people who threatened his family are a disgrace and loser and their not arsenal fans and arteta is a good manager

    Michel DarrotMichel Darrot17 dager siden
  • imagine if willian starts against Leeds 🙄🙄

    MR SAFEEMR SAFEE17 dager siden
    • yeah.. he offers nothing to the team

      MR SAFEEMR SAFEE16 dager siden
    • Don't.. even with the injuries he'd be struggling to get in my 20 man squad. Hopefully we can find a solution for him to leave in the summer .. it just isn't a fit.

      KPFTV EddieKPFTV Eddie16 dager siden
  • Should play Saka as left back

    Aswin AsokAswin Asok17 dager siden
  • Gabriel Mag can not play left back?The guy is sharp.We have good players just that Arteta is not playing them well...

    Sheddy DumSheddy Dum17 dager siden
  • Also, Saka,luiz,Gabriel mag and Holding at d back.

    Sheddy DumSheddy Dum17 dager siden
    • That's 3 CB's. So do you want us to go back to a back 3?

      Ray AndersonRay Anderson17 dager siden
  • I want Monday to be a good day for me!! It’s all in your hands Arsenal 😉

    Military Gooner TvMilitary Gooner Tv17 dager siden
  • These three points are gonna be really crucial!! We need to move up the table I’m tired of those stupid chelsea fans bantering me 😒😒😒 come one you gunners ( COYG)

    Military Gooner TvMilitary Gooner Tv17 dager siden
  • Arsenals season can still be very successiful. Im thinking the Euro-League Trophy. 🤔🥇🏆🥰

    Ge BroGe Bro17 dager siden
    • Delusional

      Young GoonerYoung Gooner16 dager siden
    • Deluded

      Spark SpaceSpark Space16 dager siden
  • Please say to partey no eat indomie very much. He will be injury hehhehe

    Az AkAz Ak17 dager siden
  • Arsenal so injury prone 😡

    Silver VivSilver Viv17 dager siden
    • Every Team has Injuries, look at Leeds loads of current injuries, get on with it like all Teams have to.

      Patrick AndersonPatrick Anderson16 dager siden
  • Arsenal has 15 prem games left, and we're hoping a MIRACLE, much needed 3 POINTS, and please start Odegaard and 1 more thing don't play Pepe remember when he got sent off.

    Mark FosterMark Foster17 dager siden
  • Let's not be a fan base that gets angry at the manager about resting players and then again angry at him about injured players! These players are mightily paid professionals; it's their own responsibility to keep fit. Their health and availability are cards that Arteta gets dealt, he doesn't get to choose them!

    Emil YonkovEmil Yonkov17 dager siden
  • Gooners

    Sam SudinSam Sudin17 dager siden
  • Minggu Arsenal net tv

    Sam SudinSam Sudin17 dager siden
  • It seems from the way Arteta speaks about Balogun the hype surrounding him is not misplaced even though he is still unproven at the highest level.

    PradhanPradhan17 dager siden
    • @4737Carlin Nketiah is a different type of striker. That's why. Like Eddie and Laca are different types of strikers. You see that goal that Eddie scored against Everton almost one year ago. The goal similar to Henry's last goal for Arsenal. Laca wouldn't even get in the air like that. That's why I say he is different.

      Caitlyn LefifiCaitlyn Lefifi15 dager siden
    • @Caitlyn Lefifi Maybe he still thinks Nketiah is world class

      4737Carlin4737Carlin15 dager siden
    • @Pradhan maybe is just tired of talking about the kid.

      Caitlyn LefifiCaitlyn Lefifi16 dager siden
    • @Caitlyn Lefifi Then it looks like the usual Arsenal baiting by the press.Artteta may be just trying to protect club's assest.

      PradhanPradhan16 dager siden
    • The u23s lost tonight and he was leading the line. Last week he failed to score against Chelsea and the week before that in the NLD. Not living up to all that hype anymore. I couldn't watch the match tonight so I was following on Twitter. Fans were fooled by that hattrick against Brighton but he hasn't scored since that match.

      Caitlyn LefifiCaitlyn Lefifi16 dager siden
  • Arteta out

    Varanand AlfrietsVaranand Alfriets17 dager siden
  • We believe in you Mikel ✊

    Jaroslav GogaJaroslav Goga17 dager siden
  • Matt Ryan is good enough to be number 1. Calm, cool and collective.

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker17 dager siden
    • @2pointsdropped I’ve been impressed with him whenever I’ve seen him play in league and I thought on his debut he was our best player.

      Truth SeekerTruth Seeker17 dager siden
    • Actually, he has the worst stats in the league for expected saves per shot. So I wouldn't get too carried away lol

      2pointsdropped2pointsdropped17 dager siden
  • Is Kieren Tierney the new Jack Wilshire?

    TwistedSouLTwistedSouL17 dager siden
    • no i don't think so-he's always had a pretty bad injury record, but when KT3 does play, he's QUALITY

      Alex GeorgeAlex George17 dager siden
  • If Arsenal don't qualify for European competition they won't need a big squad and they would save money on wages. I think it would be wise to just keep the bare minimum of players for the 1st team Arsenal squad for the normal League and Cup competitions.

    Vivek MaruVivek Maru17 dager siden
  • All the hate around the club is always about what is on the inside of the person abusing, when you are happy with who you are, you understand that you can only be yourself and all of us are full of pain, sending that pain through hateful messages only spreads more hate, it does not fix who you are and who you adress. We all need to be more understanding, that includes myself, i am not great at it either.

    Alexander KhlapovAlexander Khlapov17 dager siden
  • Willian?

    Ali OmarAli Omar17 dager siden
    • Mustafa Omar everything

      d.gxdd_d.gxdd_17 dager siden
    • Ye what wrong with him

      Mustafa OmarMustafa Omar17 dager siden
  • Bro i we don't win this, we are done

    Philippe LaconPhilippe Lacon17 dager siden
  • If you want the manger out, there's no need to send the manger death thearts to him and his family. Absolutely disgusting.

    Serena DhandeSerena Dhande17 dager siden
    • @Figo Macboy what kind of person would want to send abuse to someone and his family? that's disgusting you've crossed the line

      Serena DhandeSerena Dhande15 dager siden
    • They should send more get that clown out of my club

      Figo MacboyFigo Macboy15 dager siden
  • As far as I’m concerned we might as well just scrap the league for now and focus on Europa league because lets be real the league is done

    Thierry BonnerThierry Bonner17 dager siden
    • Thats crazy .. you need to try to be in form to do well in europe .. its not a switch. Also 6th is very gettable still.

      KPFTV EddieKPFTV Eddie17 dager siden