🤣 Our most unpredictable Q&A yet! | Martin Odegaard answers kids' questions | Schooled

18. feb.. 2021
131 551 Ganger

How many chips can Martin Odegaard eat in 30 seconds? What did he want to be when he was younger? And is he better than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?
We gave the kids of Torriano Primary school the chance to ask Martin whatever they wanted - and the results were hilarious!
#odegaard #arsenal #afc
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  • More of this pla❤️

    Vy Khang TranVy Khang Tran2 dager siden
  • I love this guy he's my idol

    Selfani SelfaniSelfani Selfani2 dager siden
  • But did u assits 👀😸

  • Ha ødegard u lied in one game 12 goals x😹😹 professional yh I get but u play fortnite ri

  • He cud have met whrt them in person if not cuz of covid

  • Do u think ur better than aubameyang... "wow"🤣 he knows he ain't

  • This interview was amazing.

    Sukh121Sukh1213 dager siden
  • 1:12 waa lingard celebration😂

    Gary HairithGary Hairith3 dager siden
  • Love it.

    Vanig BostanianVanig Bostanian4 dager siden
  • U know hes a genuine guy when hes not wearing air pods seems humble

    Adam birdAdam bird4 dager siden
  • The high-pitched knee apparently flood because withdrawal basically coil astride a industrious test. ten, ambitious dry

    betzpt balmerbetzpt balmer4 dager siden
  • wholesome content

    TobiasTobias5 dager siden
  • LMAO! For celebrations, 1:04 wins it for me..lol

    mwansa chileya jnrmwansa chileya jnr5 dager siden
  • Oliver seems like an young Elon mask and seems to matured serious for his age he doesn't joke mess around like the other kids

    Rashid KhalidRashid Khalid5 dager siden
  • Such a nice guy Odegaard!

    Vladimir ZlVladimir Zl5 dager siden
  • Yo, respect to Odegaard. He was really good with these kids. That's way harder than it looks, haha.

    Jamal JonesJamal Jones5 dager siden
  • He seems very nice and very mature

    Simon SmithSimon Smith6 dager siden
  • Arteta out ASAP. Dumb coach bench martenelli. Puts Pepe on right ? Saka should be on right. We won with laca esr n saka . He fears pep . Dumb coach dumb things . Arsenal keep up with this and by 2022 the fan base will go from 20 mill to 1 mill . We all leaving soon. Keep the dumbstuff up.

    Jah LivesJah Lives6 dager siden
  • Ramos must watch this...

    AlibabuAlibabu6 dager siden
  • Kepler pepe 😁

    Ini ithynIni ithyn6 dager siden
  • The kid Alexandru reminds me of Willock always looking sleepy 😂

    JSJS6 dager siden
  • Martin needs to do one of them celebrations

    Paicey BobPaicey Bob7 dager siden
  • 3:5

    DiscordPlayx RobloxiaDiscordPlayx Robloxia7 dager siden
  • 라모스ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    짤랑이짤랑이7 dager siden
  • Sergio ramos

    Mohammad FillarMohammad Fillar7 dager siden
  • Ga bisa bahasa Inggris

    sandi anggasandi angga7 dager siden
    • Kwkw

      NIZAR HUDNIZAR HUD7 dager siden
  • Ekwoek ngakak bocil yg terkahiurr

    HABIB YTHABIB YT7 dager siden
  • Give callum chambers some minutes to play in the Premier League and I'd like to see him team up with Rob holding and bellerin🙏😕

    Muhammad RizkyMuhammad Rizky7 dager siden
  • Jheeez I do Architecture, its long, dead and life is 2 short 4 it. Dont waste ur time and do something fun

    Gorilla SinghGorilla Singh7 dager siden
  • Sergio ramos please dont play football anymore. You skill break bone make scare a kids

    Kukira Dhia DianaKukira Dhia Diana7 dager siden
  • such simple humble person.

    ahmad aliahmad ali7 dager siden
  • Sergio Ramos you make ppl hate football ⚽️ why man 😂😂😂 last kid was so funny 😂😂😂

    Bashir AhmedBashir Ahmed7 dager siden

    Christopher HoweChristopher Howe7 dager siden
  • 🤣

  • Farteta out out out

    ÔRFالعورفÔRFالعورف7 dager siden
  • many more points on transfers, pepe over 80? I wouldn't take it for 10! take liverpool they were like you too until you started spending millions! and where are they now? maybe it's time for you to start spending? otherwise the club will dance what is happening now! missed James Rodríguez as a free agent, Gareth Bale went to the rivals, isco will most likely miss, but you are taking some Edegors or Seballes, pepe for 80 million, nonsense! in general, to raise the club you need to change a lot!

    Виталий ДмитриевВиталий Дмитриев7 dager siden
  • Now I am watching a match against Man City, I have been rooting for Arsenal since 2001, when Thierry Henry made me fall in love with this game! and I have watched Arsenal play for these 20 years, in these 20 years Arsenal have never looked so weak !! and it's not about the players! there are good players! the point is the coach who does not correctly set the game to these players! you need to change your coach urgently! I can cling to the Europa League, but what I see now is a complete trash heap! absolute ignorance of the opponent's game and absolutely incorrect formation of your team! invite me to the club for a week, I'll show you how to put players and where to put them! tells you a man who played for 20 years and who watched your club play for 20 years

    Виталий ДмитриевВиталий Дмитриев7 dager siden
  • He's so good with kids seems like a great personality

    Senura AttanayakeSenura Attanayake8 dager siden
  • Ayyy he speaks good english

    Arsenal RexArsenal Rex8 dager siden
  • These is so adorable 🥰

    Dol FidiiQDol FidiiQ8 dager siden
  • This generally brought a smile on face 😊

    dot4fourdot4four8 dager siden
  • They should have asked Ty to join in as well

    GlylimGlylim8 dager siden
  • I need ramos to see this interview😂

    Nabhan NBNNabhan NBN8 dager siden
  • “I don’t want to be a footballer because I’m scared that I might meet Sergio Ramos and he might break my leg” 😭😂

    Katerina SchneiderKaterina Schneider8 dager siden
  • Ramos making kids think twice before becoming a footballer. XD

    whatsmynamewhatsmyname8 dager siden
  • They should have asked him of what he thinks of Erling Haaland.

    abcabcboyabcabcboy8 dager siden
  • please come here

    신건신건8 dager siden
  • I love this video😂😍

    AnalyseAnalyse8 dager siden
  • NOworld better add a love button like facebook did. I need it for this video

    Pierre LeCroixPierre LeCroix8 dager siden
  • Yehya kill me in the end when he talked about sergio ramos 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Suliman 1886Suliman 18868 dager siden
  • He seems to like this fan base I should introduce him to aftv

    Rashid KhalidRashid Khalid8 dager siden
  • He looks like an incredible person nice heart

    Harry Argent PhillipsHarry Argent Phillips8 dager siden
  • 🇳🇴🔥❤🤍

    Alexander CarlssonAlexander Carlsson8 dager siden
  • He could be a teacher

    Ashley DrummondAshley Drummond8 dager siden
  • I much prefer Martin’s attitude and persona compared, to Özil’s mentality already. Seems like a nice genuine man in reality as well.

    genabet123genabet1238 dager siden
  • "Olivers sister" is a strange name

    gunner Richthofengunner Richthofen8 dager siden
  • Kids these days got privileges... damn I remember growing up with nothing but the jealousy of some cool kid next door owning Gameboy

    George OmondiGeorge Omondi8 dager siden
  • The kids were given the questions by Arsenal to ask lol

    Anas UddinAnas Uddin8 dager siden
  • I’m the same with Martin scoring 12 goals in one game and I’m nearly 9

    Joe 06Joe 069 dager siden
  • Why are there only black and migrant children asking questions? Is this racism?

    gunner1886gunner18869 dager siden
  • High class person and player

    catbjocatbjo9 dager siden
  • I was already falling in love with him after the Benfica performance but this video just put it over the top!

    George's OpinionGeorge's Opinion9 dager siden
  • Hope Odegaard scores soon so he can celebrate for the kids

    Diva AlfirmanDiva Alfirman9 dager siden
  • Maybe zidane😀😅

    Ayaz ShahidAyaz Shahid9 dager siden
  • These kids are brutal

    W.W.9 dager siden
  • Look how positive ødegard is love his positivity

    Aigboje OlogunAigboje Ologun9 dager siden
  • I love this connecting to the fans already I hope he stays

    Luke WilloughbyLuke Willoughby9 dager siden
  • 10/10 interview idea

    KristianKristian9 dager siden
  • Sergio Ramos ending careers before they even start.

    Military Gooner TvMilitary Gooner Tv9 dager siden
  • The last one lol...you better study hard or else you gonna be a footballer and play against Sergio Ramos hahahaha ...

    waynwayn9 dager siden
  • This vid is perfect

    Lucas MoraesLucas Moraes9 dager siden
  • Kids have better questions than actual interviewers

    HydroInvalidHydroInvalid9 dager siden
  • This is so cute

    Ghina KharimahGhina Kharimah9 dager siden
  • What do you think of the manager....,,,,, I’m sure arsenal liked that question . Great PR boost

    Zohaib ChaudhriZohaib Chaudhri9 dager siden
  • not even an Arsenal fan but i am happy for this guy he is a good player and i hope that he will find his best form in the EPL

    ExoTechExoTech9 dager siden
  • Odegaard after the q&a: Yes Sergio this kid this kid right here

    CookieCookie9 dager siden
  • What a guy. Also a class performance against Benfica. Really hope we sign him permanently

    Zander HornbækZander Hornbæk9 dager siden
  • That was cute😅

    Souvik DasSouvik Das9 dager siden
  • Ramos made his mark kn children...for real

    Pacis NdahiroPacis Ndahiro9 dager siden
  • I couldn't stop smiling watching this. This is too great man

    EvenEven9 dager siden
  • Only arsenal alone do this for this kids make them happy

    Jack StoneJack Stone9 dager siden
  • just kick it to him and you get it back, every team learns it pretty fast, except real madrid who kinda forgot about it

    Martin G FosbyMartin G Fosby9 dager siden
  • Kids are dumb

    Di MitrDi Mitr9 dager siden
  • Bra jobbet, Martin! 👍

    Not 2 busyNot 2 busy9 dager siden
  • please sign him real will need the money

    Vivek VermaVivek Verma9 dager siden
  • nice answer 😂😂

    Sisa UdaraSisa Udara9 dager siden
  • Those kids are adorable 🥺🥺

    Sebastian SQSebastian SQ9 dager siden
  • Martin is such a cute guy,great video,better than interviews

    Shrikant RShrikant R9 dager siden
  • This was wholesome

    Rakshith ApiRakshith Api9 dager siden
  • Loseeee

    Ak KuAk Ku9 dager siden
  • he is so cute so nice . pls stay permanent with us

    เพียงพอต่อใจเพียงพอต่อใจ9 dager siden
  • That was fun

    chepito2k10chepito2k109 dager siden
  • Terror of futbol who - its Sergio Ramos

    anson20ifyanson20ify9 dager siden
  • lol kids are funny , Big up Ode, awesome of you

    Denzil ReidDenzil Reid9 dager siden
  • He seems like such a nice person I’m falling in love with him

    ben higgsben higgs9 dager siden
  • He looks like he don’t want to be there

    Assist King Özil #ArsenalAssist King Özil #Arsenal9 dager siden
  • You won't find a guy more wholesome as vår Martin..

    Charlie Chalk - Rap Preservation SocietyCharlie Chalk - Rap Preservation Society9 dager siden
  • I have a soft spot for Odegaard😭❤ I start watching Arsenal week in week out because of him. It might become a huge problem when he goes back to Madrid😭

    BichenBichen9 dager siden
  • Arsenal should sign this kidman very humble honestly I though he was from the arsenal academy first time I heard from him

    Bruno KoechBruno Koech9 dager siden
  • Love Odegaard. Great content online which we can hopefully replicate on the pitch.

    Reesi RocReesi Roc9 dager siden