Mat Ryan makes his Arsenal debut | Open Mic | Compilation

8. feb.. 2021
158 992 Ganger

It was a bittersweet debut for lifelong Gooner Mat Ryan, but you can listen in to his commanding of the defence at Villa Park in this exclusive compilation.
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  • A new feature for you. Let us know if you'd like to see it again 🙌

    ArsenalArsenal20 dager siden
    • This is actually very useful we never get to really hear what gks say during the games

      Ernesto CeaErnesto Cea9 dager siden
    • WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!

      T CT C13 dager siden
    • Do the same with Leno please

      RöpöRöpö14 dager siden
    • Yes please. Also do an update on Arsenal ink. Need to see some new tattoos.

      Justin MugwimiJustin Mugwimi16 dager siden
    • I'd like to see Hakimi, Bissouma and Sabitzer in the team next season so we can be taken seriously again thanks

      Anthony MichaelsAnthony Michaels18 dager siden
  • i like him

    dodo prawirododo prawiro5 dager siden
  • Football seem like war mehn. 😄

    Gbemi OluwatomiladeGbemi Oluwatomilade15 dager siden
  • Mat Ryan

    Semih KizilkayaSemih Kizilkaya15 dager siden
  • Hi angry

    Semih KizilkayaSemih Kizilkaya15 dager siden
  • Very impressed with this guy he is so commanding, the way he guides the defenders in two languages also, very ha[ppy with this signing

    timbersplashtimbersplash15 dager siden
  • Looking for a guy, waiting

    Наталья МарковаНаталья Маркова16 dager siden
  • Start against Leeds.

    Mesaka PuteaMesaka Putea16 dager siden
  • He is so underrated man I never even heard of him before he joined us and he is so smart because he's doing what cech does where he speeks in the same language as the other players

    Jim Lamberton-hardsJim Lamberton-hards17 dager siden
  • next, leno.

    Muhammad JunaidiMuhammad Junaidi17 dager siden
  • Most insight I've seen into a keeper's game in a long time!

    vksputnikvksputnik17 dager siden
  • i really like mat ryan he just seems like a quality keeper and keeps his head down

    ToxicfoxToxicfox17 dager siden
  • I guess they couldn't do this for Leno because he doesn't communicate. Atleast he's a brilliant shot stopper

    Jack The RipperJack The Ripper17 dager siden
  • Vocal in different languages as well. The more I see of him, the more I like him. Leno beware! COYG!!!

    Kanyanta MubangaKanyanta Mubanga17 dager siden
  • Mikel Arteta will have a deputy on the field, really nice,Ryan can help organise defence

    Shrikant RShrikant R17 dager siden
  • We need LENO mic.

    PrkrtrPrkrtr17 dager siden
  • he can be Arsenal manager, Arteta out Ryan in.

    Dian DzulkifliDian Dzulkifli18 dager siden
  • He was great

    Ethan ClaridgeEthan Claridge18 dager siden
  • Now we know the massive impact goalie have on defense

    King MusaKing Musa18 dager siden
  • The fact that a keeper can switch language to tell his defence what to do is incredible

    Football NdemeditsFootball Ndemedits18 dager siden
  • He will play against Benfica

    Ilman ZamriIlman Zamri18 dager siden
  • do this to willian pls, appreciate it!!!!!!!

    IZZI 12-2IZZI 12-218 dager siden
  • Arsenal has so many great aussies... Mat Ryan, Caitlin Foord, Steph Catley, Lydia Williams.

    AWFC CHAOSAWFC CHAOS18 dager siden
  • Apprecite you have an indiviual cam for your keeper, and show us how he involve the game

    siumungsingsiumungsing18 dager siden
    • Matt Ryan is a decent player, anyway

      siumungsingsiumungsing18 dager siden
  • This feature is really good. Goal keepers need more feature! Good game Matt!

    Gareth HenryGareth Henry18 dager siden
  • the only postion without a role model

    1x bet1x bet18 dager siden
  • Voice of authority. Wishing Mat all the best at AFC

    bufon63bufon6318 dager siden
  • A good keeper with excellent communication. He reminds of me shouting at the TV during games.

    Simon MarieSimon Marie19 dager siden
  • Love to see this, The ease of the language changes is muy bien

    Donovan KruserDonovan Kruser19 dager siden
  • First game for a new team and he already made at least 4 important saves. This club is doing him dirty lol...

    Thanh LaThanh La19 dager siden
  • Great debut from Maty apart from the goal. Great addition to the team. Would also love to hear one from Leno's game. ❤️

    Ronit GurungRonit Gurung19 dager siden
  • Idk why it still stresses me out

    MKMK19 dager siden
  • Ryan better than Runarsson

    Janky DausatJanky Dausat19 dager siden
  • Hopefully Runnarsson can be patient and keep improving himself. Most GK will reach their full potential at 30. I still believe in him

    azim DUSTYazim DUSTY19 dager siden
  • I follow Arsenal for life time, Im a die-hard fan. we'll be better....

    Femi AmosunFemi Amosun19 dager siden
  • Matt Ryan showing the psychosis of a fan watching Arsenal on tv.

    John LushJohn Lush19 dager siden
  • Yes he was very solid.

    DJ Fury DejaVuDJ Fury DejaVu19 dager siden
  • arsenal 4life

    sanjo gamingsanjo gaming19 dager siden
  • The commands his shouting to Gabriel is it Spanish ?

    David CDavid C19 dager siden
  • Leno can learn from him how to be more vocal and command the box and Ryan can learn something else from him

    David CDavid C19 dager siden
  • at least we have a real lifelong gooner in the team that knows what it is to play for arsenal

    rd radenrd raden19 dager siden
  • This man is speaking Portuguese to communicate with Gabi😳 that's quality

    Relatime GuibRelatime Guib19 dager siden
  • We need to thrash Villa; they are getting to trump on us this days, as they wish. There should be a Bolton; the days we had to stop them with one man less

    Billy IsadiaBilly Isadia19 dager siden
  • I think he is better then Leno.

    Smarrt Dognut DSASmarrt Dognut DSA19 dager siden
  • Great debut despite the result.

    Paul McCannPaul McCann19 dager siden
  • a solid debut Mat

    이인수이인수19 dager siden
  • When I saw they had 8 shots on our goal, then I desired watching this Ryan clip. I think the guy is at the level of Martinez.

    Ayodele OlawaleAyodele Olawale19 dager siden
  • Looks like a natural. What Arsenal need.

    NoRestTVNoRestTV19 dager siden
  • Please do on mic on Arteta every match

    Muhammad Reza RamadhanMuhammad Reza Ramadhan19 dager siden
  • Hey, could you get the tech team to sneak a mic onto the referee as well 😂

    The Disturbed GamerThe Disturbed Gamer19 dager siden
  • I like a goalkeeper who screams at his defenders. Knowing who our right sided defenders are.......I think we know the two suspects I’m illuding to. He won’t have a voice left 😅😅😅😅😅

    Zohaib ChaudhriZohaib Chaudhri19 dager siden
  • Do more bench cams

    Joe ConwayJoe Conway19 dager siden
  • Play him next game

    Edress AminiEdress Amini19 dager siden
  • wasn’t sure but a very good investment I think!

    whitbrom07whitbrom0719 dager siden
  • Ryan did good in goal

    Oliver WatsonOliver Watson19 dager siden
  • Bernd(mic'ed): Ich habe das ... Scheiße 😜😂👍

    JSJS19 dager siden
  • Soldier Ryan!

    Anpn JoysAnpn Joys19 dager siden
  • He is like Commander on the war 🔥✨ It should be a clean sheets... But the deflected ball destroys it all :" Not bad at all 🥊

    Risandy 007Risandy 00719 dager siden
  • Very vocal jeez..., speaks Portuguese too, pretty nice

    Felix AsomaningFelix Asomaning19 dager siden
  • Better than leno

    sunburnedsunburned19 dager siden
  • His first act was to pick a ball from his net

    Marco Godfrey MboyaMarco Godfrey Mboya20 dager siden
  • that comanding ability not have on Leno..comanding goalkeeper like buffon, oliver khan and jens lehman..they know how to comand with defender to alert the situation..sorry my english.

    degun abrahmandegun abrahman20 dager siden
  • Ryan stopped Chip dat was amazing again 😀💪🙏

    Jackson MpigiJackson Mpigi20 dager siden
  • That's what is looks like when an Arsenal Fan plays for the Club. Keep it up Ryan !

    reg Worldreg World20 dager siden
  • love him already, you can see he truly cares for the team.

    eskimomaxeskimomax20 dager siden
  • Do it with Xhaka

    Zhaslan SaduakassovZhaslan Saduakassov20 dager siden
  • One of the difference between a top side and an average side is communication on the pitch . You see Jorda Henderson shouting and leading his team...we need someone like that who can communicate and keep the team in shape .

    Shubham PandeyShubham Pandey20 dager siden
  • I would like to have seen this on the day Leno got sent off :D

    Thomas MitarasThomas Mitaras20 dager siden
  • This is a fantastic video, what a great piece of content!!!💪💪💪👏👏👏👏

    Alexander KhlapovAlexander Khlapov20 dager siden
  • Show us again when we win

    matthew barrymatthew barry20 dager siden
  • Arsenal till died

    Muhd HabibMuhd Habib20 dager siden
  • Would appreciate these more than behind the scenes.based on our results and current standing . Let's get our reality in check

    Dan JatauDan Jatau20 dager siden
  • sounds like a true warrior

    supsupb0isupsupb0i20 dager siden
  • Commanding and has thar presence about him. Sign him up on a perm.

    D MensahD Mensah20 dager siden
  • Apart form that one goal he let in he is amazing 🤩

    itzz_mitch !!itzz_mitch !!20 dager siden
  • Unlucky to concede but he’s defo a massive signing for us defo happy with his input

    Steven BylettSteven Bylett20 dager siden
  • Thou we lost buh he tried his best 👏 💙 he has good communication with his defence.. He's fit to be our number 2

    Merub Dalton Leno ArsenalholicMerub Dalton Leno Arsenalholic20 dager siden
  • Ryan was brilliant. He made some fantastic saves. Please can we see what leno do at the goal post too?

    kachie cyrilkachie cyril20 dager siden
  • After this i want the club sign him permanently

    Robin HewRobin Hew20 dager siden
  • If every team in a league drew every single game next season then can ARSENAL win the prem

    aziz khanaziz khan20 dager siden
  • I like everything about him. He's exactly what we need..

    Turkish 1978Turkish 197820 dager siden
  • Really good debut for him. It shows he meant what he said in his first interview for us. We would've won this if they got the red card they deserved and we got the penalty we should've had.

    Alex YatesAlex Yates20 dager siden
    • Also, WHY MARTINEZ,WHY :(

      Alex YatesAlex Yates20 dager siden
  • Brilliant Mat!! Good performance and great leadership from the back. Just the kind if character the squad needs. Hope Arsenal offer him a contract at the end of the season

    Glynn NoelGlynn Noel20 dager siden
  • lol im still shocked with Mat Ryan's performance he made some pretty good saves.

  • Mat ryans performance was splendid

    Aze WazeAze Waze20 dager siden
  • feel sorry for him he did do well

    Erinoluwa OrebowaleErinoluwa Orebowale20 dager siden
  • Mat Ryan > Ederson

    Wseem RashidWseem Rashid20 dager siden
  • Should do this with the refs

    PanosPanos20 dager siden
  • Apart from the loss, he was amazing and if it wasn’t for the deflection he would have stopped it

    Bukayo SakaBukayo Saka20 dager siden
  • Commanding goalkeeper

    Sandeep KulashriSandeep Kulashri20 dager siden
  • Anyone else think they should do this more often satisfying to watch

    jake richardsonjake richardson20 dager siden
  • I like this guy. The goal he conceded was not hes fault. It was result of Cedrics poor pass

    murena10murena1020 dager siden
  • He’s better than Mikel

    Patrick CoughlinPatrick Coughlin20 dager siden
  • Ive never seen this angle before. Its really exiting from the goalkeepers view. Ryan screaming and commanding his box is crazy

    UnKnown MoeUnKnown Moe20 dager siden
  • All because of Cedric he couldn't get a clean sheet.

    UnKnown MoeUnKnown Moe20 dager siden
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this! He played well. This video officially made me love him as an Arsenal player.

    Dayne KajewskiDayne Kajewski20 dager siden
  • Never realised how much talking goal keepers do during a match. Good to know he is able to speak multiple languages as well

    selgeausselgeaus20 dager siden
  • do this again pleaseeeeeeeeee

    Surya LakavalliSurya Lakavalli20 dager siden
  • He looks like a decent experience GK, but sadly we cant give him a debut winner yesterday

    mhmd ardimhmd ardi20 dager siden
  • Good coms.

    RadianationRadianation20 dager siden