Martin Odegaard | Every Touch | Arsenal 4-2 Leeds | Premier League

17. feb.. 2021
229 894 Ganger

Take a close look at Martin Odegaard's performance during our 4-2 victory over Leeds United at Emirates Stadium.
#arsenal #odegaard
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  • real madrid fan like here

    Aakash SoniAakash Soni3 dager siden
  • everytime I see Odegaard in the team it feels 1 player less, I just cant see why is he picked for?!!!

    Agron BerishaAgron Berisha4 dager siden
  • I’m happy ozil went but I kinda wanted to see ozil smith Rowe and Odergard play all together Smith Rowe lw ozil cam Odergard rw I’m happy ozil left because he was doing nothing he was useless in his last years and he was taking up so much wages

    Christian MenesesChristian Meneses5 dager siden
  • Pro active

    ekalejames78ekalejames786 dager siden
  • Arteta out ASAP. Dumb coach bench martenelli. Puts Pepe on right ? Saka should be on right. We won with laca esr n saka . He fears pep . Dumb coach dumb things . Arsenal keep up with this and by 2022 the fan base will go from 20 mill to 1 mill . We all leaving soon. Keep the dumbstuff up.

    Jah LivesJah Lives6 dager siden
  • How is holding and bellerin getting paid money to play for arsenal ? No wonder the players get abuse when they get paid the money they do! Worse defenders arsenal have ever had! Not just them 2 who are rubbish! So rubbish to watch ! Absolute crap

    wayne stewartwayne stewart8 dager siden
  • Weight of pass so amazing Ø🤩

    Honest Arsenal FanHonest Arsenal Fan8 dager siden
  • 0:40 great play from him. Comes deep to receive the ball, one touch pass to start an attack and he’s getting back up to get back into the final third

    Lawrence LuffmanLawrence Luffman9 dager siden
  • Martin, Ceballos, Partey - Good combination for Arteta to develop. Xhaka should be rested..not much mobility in his game.

    nielova rosnamnielova rosnam9 dager siden
  • Has a great vision. I would like him to turn around more often and deploy offensive football🇲🇽

    Rigoberto Herrera RomeroRigoberto Herrera Romero9 dager siden
    • He has turned into a defensive mifielder

      BK007BK0079 dager siden
  • 13 years passed, no more Fabregas, no more Wilshere, no more Diaby, no more Flamini, no more Rosicky, no more Santi, no more Hleb. only Arteta still. if only we have Song we will be much better than now. Ozil and Ramsy is the bane for these 3 years

    ss ginoss gino9 dager siden
  • sticky to the ball no wonderful pass no vision, low ability to turn, so little to pass forward, just common player as other arsenal teen players, might even worse than trash willock.

    ss ginoss gino9 dager siden
  • Potential player but need to play regularly..

    Nurul AjaNurul Aja9 dager siden
  • Come back to Madrid please

    • Get rid of Zidane first

      BK007BK0079 dager siden
  • Use me as a "We should permanently sign him" button

    Adil MAdil M9 dager siden
  • Y'all hyping Martin and forgot how good DANI is🤔

    paul aginipaul agini9 dager siden
  • Some very impressive touches but not as effective as ESR. He and Saka are the true revelations.

    pilgrimpaterpilgrimpater10 dager siden
    • They are different players

      BK007BK0079 dager siden
  • Imagine 4 midfielder Benacer(DMF), Cebalos (LCMF), Xhaka(RCMF),oddegard(AMF) 4-4-2 Diamond.

    Jan NurJan Nur10 dager siden
  • Auba no look pass😂🔥 005

    clement gicharuclement gicharu10 dager siden
  • We hope martin and dani come back soon to madrid has need them.the are the madrid futur.

    Hakim OurabiaHakim Ourabia10 dager siden
  • I hope Odegaard play soo well that he want to leave RM and Perez finally have enough of Zidane inept of building a team and benching/loaning the clubs great talent to use close to retired players instead. what a waste of time for these young lads being in madrid.

    Hello, Bye!Hello, Bye!10 dager siden
  • i am beater than arteta

    Roshan AliRoshan Ali10 dager siden
  • On min 2.05 surely Bellerin should have volley a shot instead of taking touch surely, his game this season has been a disappointment, no wonder we're getting attacked from his flank, and what happened to his pace anway 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾

    Dan GitahiDan Gitahi10 dager siden
  • There's some ozil ingredients in him

    Farouque KayFarouque Kay11 dager siden
  • Baller.

    wewantfigureswewantfigures11 dager siden
  • I like how he grows into the game

    Nik MazinyaneNik Mazinyane11 dager siden
  • Nothing special

    hisoka senpaihisoka senpai11 dager siden
  • What a pressure from Leads

    Hardovyii CS:GOHardovyii CS:GO11 dager siden
  • You can already see the beginnings of some partnerships on the pitch, Odegaard and Smith Rowe seem to understand each other already. There were some good exchanges with Dani, Auba and Saka too.

    Alex GærtnerAlex Gærtner11 dager siden
  • Pemain bagus pelatih mental bawah

    Mufti AhbalMufti Ahbal11 dager siden
  • Лучший!!!!!!!

    Алексей ДойницынАлексей Дойницын11 dager siden
  • criminally underrated

    survivor turnoversurvivor turnover11 dager siden
  • That no look from Auba

    Jäbä LationJäbä Lation11 dager siden
  • He's a technician first ;being a footballer is just a bonus... SIGN HIM UP!

    Tushy RanxTushy Ranx11 dager siden
  • Ozil 2.0

    illmaticillmatic11 dager siden
  • Start him againt benfica!

    Harith HaikalHarith Haikal11 dager siden
  • Fabregas vibe. His play style movement and his run reminds me to fabregas in arsenal

    Aji Bramantyo SaputraAji Bramantyo Saputra11 dager siden
  • At times it felt like I was watching Wengerball at it's best

    Painless ZMPainless ZM11 dager siden
  • The Next MÖ10

    Rifqi Fajrul FarizRifqi Fajrul Fariz11 dager siden
  • They had the wrong numbers on the board while substituting. 25 was red and 11 was green at 02:37

    anupanup11 dager siden
  • No Ozil killer passes yet. He has potentials

    Chika JohnsonChika Johnson11 dager siden
  • His touch was awesome !

    Saya HafeezSaya Hafeez11 dager siden
  • He fits very well in the team so far.. If we able to get him permanently, he will be massive for us with the likes of ESR, Saka and Martinelli in the future..

    Zach KriZach Kri11 dager siden
  • i like Ceballos i want him to stay at arsenal but at the right price, 18-22m is good for him

    Anuj ThakreAnuj Thakre11 dager siden
  • I just want Kieran Tierney to be back asap

    Mina isma WaifuMina isma Waifu11 dager siden
  • Its time for Auba to score goals again since he's got some to creat him chances and that is non other than Odeguard

    Muhumuza Musa AbookiMuhumuza Musa Abooki11 dager siden
  • Ødegaard, cryodon de bruyne and saka in one team 😭

    mhmd ardimhmd ardi11 dager siden
  • Signs of a baller 🥶

    A DxA Dx11 dager siden
  • The Opponents can't Even get Ball from Him Easy, Nope. And So Brilliant the Way He's Making the Play.

    Buqari MABuqari MA11 dager siden
  • Great player

    Kieran TierneyKieran Tierney11 dager siden
  • Ma.. Ma.. Martin..

    Virgiawan ShahabVirgiawan Shahab11 dager siden
  • Now I have confidence Mikel with have other options rather than Willian.. Built a team around odegaard and ESR

    Santhosh FabreSanthosh Fabre11 dager siden

    ridwan kurniawanridwan kurniawan11 dager siden
  • I've seen enough. Give the dude a 10 year contract. Now!

    Captain SmokeCaptain Smoke11 dager siden
  • 0:47 Auba should've exploited the gap between the CBs and the space behind them with his pace so Dani could give a through pass to Auba. He's kind of lose that sense since he played on the left hand side.

    looniazlooniaz11 dager siden
  • if odegaard & ceballos under wenger...

    Edzral ZubakirEdzral Zubakir11 dager siden
  • Next ozil Pass and move very good

    Still KohStill Koh11 dager siden
  • Ceballos and odegaard bringing the creativity we all wanted from so long!gg

    sashwat sainju82sashwat sainju8211 dager siden
  • only every touch, when we have videos every WIN my be

    AlfianarAlfianar11 dager siden

    Brian WherryBrian Wherry11 dager siden
  • Player played well people praise him, Player played sucks people sell him..give him more chance atleast 1 year or 2 years..this is real football not playstation..both ways, good play or not just give them longer time to see the bigger picture of certain player..except for willian just sell him

    Aku HensemAku Hensem11 dager siden
  • Should start for Europe league!

    ian Saliheenian Saliheen11 dager siden
  • U can see he’s not yet at his best give him few more games until he reaches his maximum I just hope arsenal sign him because if he goes back to Real Madrid next season and play 5 games all season it would have been a huge opportunity missed leaving arsenal he can arrive at the world class level with arsenal I believe.

    JoJo11 dager siden
  • 1:40 Loved that move

    STUDIO DANSTUDIO DAN11 dager siden
  • they should play this exact team vs city . this team can beat a press and score some beautiful goals

    Neo CortexNeo Cortex11 dager siden
  • Best line up

    Bradley AchokiBradley Achoki11 dager siden
  • The one thing I like about him is that he does not hold the ball for too long, he passes it quickly, that is the reason why attack much quicker

    Arya ParulkarArya Parulkar11 dager siden
  • Roblox

    AadenAaden11 dager siden
  • I'm From Saudi Arabia I Love Arsnal ❤️

    [المايستـــرو].؟¿[المايستـــرو].؟¿11 dager siden
    • Go and love Fenabache instead !!

      Terry's TubeTerry's Tube11 dager siden
  • tidy.

    ChaoskingzChaoskingz11 dager siden
  • This is nice, but we REALLY want the keeper cam with Bernd now.

    kvorumkvorum11 dager siden

    viktor milic 9viktor milic 911 dager siden
  • Not impressed yet. Almost all his passes went backwards.

    ReasonReason11 dager siden
    • It is against Leeds, there is a gameplan to avoid the gungho attacks. Playing the triangles and never losing the ball, tiring them is the strategy of Arteta. Very simple, let the ball go, and move to receive it again. Always pass to somebody who has three passingoptions.If the forward or wingers do not have clear path or two options of play, pass back. He was also manmarked in the first half. He is supposed to be like a magnet for the opponents DM and defenders, draw them out to create space for the others. the assists are suposed to come from the wings

      Janus gahr støreJanus gahr støre8 dager siden
  • özil better than odegard

    Mic CheckMic Check11 dager siden
  • 0:45 seconds was all i needed to see ⭐

    Sage LorreSage Lorre11 dager siden
  • You know a player is good, just naturally good, when he is so comfortable attacking, taking the ball from opponents and passing the ball in an Arsenal shirt with this team

    Osh at LargeOsh at Large11 dager siden
  • He's like a young Mesut. His touch is exemplary, constantly finds space between the lines and when he drops into the pocket he looks so comfortable linking the play. What a talent.

    Alex GoonerAlex Gooner11 dager siden
  • i know this clip ain’t abt him but Xhaka is slowly becoming the player we wanted him to be. Loving his positioning and overall play

    AhmedAhmed11 dager siden
  • Didnt spot that sub that time.

    Amogh BajracharyaAmogh Bajracharya11 dager siden
  • باشا مصر ♥️

    ZI ADZI AD11 dager siden
  • He looks like Schwiensteiger with the strong left foot... 💪🏾

    Philip AffroPhilip Affro11 dager siden
  • Not as good as Willian

    Daniel AdamsDaniel Adams11 dager siden
  • Martin feels calm respected mind games... he needs free his mind for play

    Limbek KatanLimbek Katan11 dager siden
  • 1:00 🙌🙌

    K.K KapiengaK.K Kapienga11 dager siden
  • He is a super player and hopefully he will stay at arsenal and arteta must buy him ,

    Michel DarrotMichel Darrot11 dager siden
  • Love his close control. Can't wait to see more if him.

    Si WalderSi Walder11 dager siden
  • I really hope he signs for The gunners! His work ethic is exceptional and his passing and vision is insane. He will give everything for the bagde each and every game!

    SweeerSweeer11 dager siden
  • Slow start

    Arjan NdojArjan Ndoj11 dager siden
  • He is very important for gunners,he must more play,we already can say,that he is not bad player

    Жахонгир АбушаевЖахонгир Абушаев11 dager siden
  • He is a well-rounded player really good at what he does, I'm so glad we got him I just hope we can keep him

    TBGTBG11 dager siden
  • if anything, I'm impressed with Dani boy lolol

    Shrivatsan K ChariShrivatsan K Chari11 dager siden
  • Wouldn’t mind making his move permanent

    NeverOddOreveNNeverOddOreveN11 dager siden
  • RM want to sell him for 60mil. I dont think Arsenal can pay this money.

    П ПП П11 dager siden
  • Give it a couple of months and that stadium will be rockin. Arsenal are back. Hello Hello.

    Elaine KerslakeElaine Kerslake11 dager siden
  • But we can’t just pay 60m

    Ore SolarinOre Solarin11 dager siden
  • Europa League masterclass needed tomorrow. 🙏🏽

    NiitroNiitro11 dager siden
  • Dis guy has perfect touches, he's combination with Ceballos and smite rowe is great. Fresh young stars ✨

    oluwaseyi subairoluwaseyi subair11 dager siden
  • His weight of pass is top notch 😲

    Edenic7Edenic711 dager siden
  • Nothing special

    Tentang FootballTentang Football11 dager siden
  • Wouldn't mind Xhaka's " every touch " video. He's been immense.

    teddy dohtehteddy dohteh11 dager siden