'I'm frustrated and disappointed' | Mikel Arteta on Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal

7. feb.. 2021
33 144 Ganger

Mikel Arteta reflects on our Premier League defeat to Aston Villa at Villa Park on Saturday.
#arteta #arsenal #premierleague
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  • how annoying result was occured

    abebe sikoabebe siko18 dager siden
  • Not sure how he thinks arsenal dominated this game. Apart from a free kick they didn't trouble the villa keeper. Delusional comes to mind...

    Hadrian MoyleHadrian Moyle19 dager siden
  • YOUR frustrated and disappointed !!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how we feel.

    Max ClickenhofMax Clickenhof19 dager siden
  • So are we.... With you

    Arindam DuttaArindam Dutta19 dager siden
  • The season is lost. Lost confidence in the squad. We are Arsenal act like it !!

    Mr. Jack MMr. Jack M19 dager siden
  • Throughout this season I've been made fun of cause I'm an Arsenal fan, I hope it changes next season!

    AAO TubeAAO Tube19 dager siden
  • Im 36 years old and this is the worst season for Gooners to me. What more do you want to hear Mr. boring Arteta

    ZixZax ZolZixZax Zol19 dager siden
  • Arsenal hire me i deserve it iv done massages in college for 2 years and I played sport and I had massages before what's the difference in the hiring of arteta to what I said nothing you handed our club over to a novice I can't belive it

    king kongking kong20 dager siden

    Tanju YavsanTanju Yavsan20 dager siden
    • @Hugoumero I love Both 😊

      Tanju YavsanTanju Yavsan19 dager siden
    • @Hugoumero Mr.Wenger is history, Arteta is the Future!

      Tanju YavsanTanju Yavsan19 dager siden
    • WE TRUST IN WENGER he warned them to not hire mikel arteta but the board didnt listen it

      HugoumeroHugoumero19 dager siden
  • Willian was edu's signing he keeps getting game time and not producing does edu have any influence on team selection I wonder

    Red GillyRed Gilly20 dager siden
  • If we fail in Europe i don't see this man being coach next season and let's face it.. The league's gone anyway. Man u draw wolves loss aston villa loss leeds.. We'll see. I think he should pack his bags in the summer

    MrYuleyuleMrYuleyule20 dager siden
  • Миккель, где игра и результаты?!

    Andrey OnufriienkoAndrey Onufriienko20 dager siden
  • arteta is not good enough as a player and not a good enough as a coach, its time to go

    emotional boyemotional boy20 dager siden
  • Willian slows down play

    Jamz JJamz J20 dager siden
  • Bumbocloth stop playing Willian man he is a 🤡

  • seriously he doesn't look frustrated and disappointed

    Ali AedAli Aed20 dager siden
  • The fact remains thst artea has not won 3 games in a row and is worse off then Emery was.. get him out of there

    Emille ThornicroftEmille Thornicroft20 dager siden
  • Please you should go you have lost steam

    Mohamed SidikMohamed Sidik21 dag siden
  • I genuinely think referees have robbed us of 12 points this season. Lacazette goal against Leicester ruled out by var for no reason. Wolves not a penalty let alone a red. Villa should have got a red and us a penalty. 9 points. There was one other game I forgot. And that's not mentioning that Mane should've been sent off in the Liverpool game. We win all those games if the referees got the decisions correct and it would put us 3rd.... Also we have the most red cards and the 8th most yellow cards with the least fouls committed out of all teams. How does that work??? Meanwhile Manchester United have been gifted as many points due to dubious referee decisions.

    David SmithDavid Smith21 dag siden
  • We need just 6th place.

    Gunners foreverGunners forever21 dag siden
  • 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🙏🙏🙏🙏I'm a fan of Arsenal's senior team Please I need a coach Please please please 😍😍Julian_Nagelsmann

    axmed Kafi ekeaxmed Kafi eke21 dag siden
    • RB-leipzig-coach-julian-nagelsmann

      axmed Kafi ekeaxmed Kafi eke21 dag siden
  • Go back to man city you useless manager. Not good enough arteta out all day.

    Śtrádá ClimáŚtrádá Climá21 dag siden
  • We need to step up our game Come on we had a good 4 5 games now what are we Yh biased reffereing pen for sure cedric should have done a harder pass and pepe was good

    MO IS A GUNNERMO IS A GUNNER21 dag siden
  • Frustrated and disappointed? Now you know how the fans feel when you bring on Willian EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

    Certified_ JayCertified_ Jay21 dag siden
  • Dang we really miss Auba(on form) and tierny

    BlaZe ZikenBlaZe Ziken21 dag siden
  • Gave ozil just 1 chance and giving willian milkions of chances wth man

    AscoRe14AscoRe1421 dag siden
  • You just keep strong mikel,

    911 channel911 channel21 dag siden
  • This is football. But i believe martinelli should come on instead of willian. PEACE!

    Deeb ChannelDeeb Channel21 dag siden
  • The thing about arsenal is that they always try to walk it in

    Gabriel BruneGabriel Brune21 dag siden
  • It will be difficult for Arteta to take arsenal whete it belongs

    Rutatundama RonnieRutatundama Ronnie21 dag siden
  • That's okay we will win next game 🔥🔥

    ᆞ구너ᆞ구너21 dag siden
  • So I am ready to trust the process if he can get us into the top 4 next season. If not, then this is a farce. He has a good enough team to at least finish in the top 6 this season, but that's a lost battle now. I mean this is Arsenal we are talking about, 4th position was synonymous to us. How low have we fallen?

    Kumar SharmaKumar Sharma21 dag siden
  • Arsenal should buy Bissouma since partey came at arsenal is just injuries,they should buy bissouma to cover partey,the other players they should sign someone like saint maximin,Monor Solomon or Everton soures type of players, Pepe is ok but he looses position a lot of time and maybe 2 attacking midfielders

    Moses MudeguMoses Mudegu21 dag siden
  • Nói thì hay nhưng mà làm thì khó Mikel à

    Quang ThànhQuang Thành21 dag siden
  • bnyak bacot

    deni tobardeni tobar21 dag siden
  • We are arsenal.we dont have extra protection and advantage from referee like man u..just move on n carry forward to our next game.we must improve in all area to be consistent threat.COYG

    serabut kembengserabut kembeng21 dag siden
  • It’s sad to see arsenal becoming one of the small clubs, barely mid table team in English football .... it’s a crime honestly ... fans seem always naive and not stepping up to change something a owner can own a club but never its fans .. arsenal fans are owned too

    M KM K21 dag siden
  • Tactical we were crap thats why we ask because we knew you don't even know how to beat Aston villa 😒

    king kongking kong21 dag siden
  • Gabriel not as good as Mari or David luiz... Gabriel was the weak link but no one is seeing the obvious... Pls bench Gabriel and make me come off the bench

    Don EkwuaziDon Ekwuazi21 dag siden
  • Arteta is being backed whyyyy seriously 😒

    king kongking kong21 dag siden
  • Arsenal under arteta need to face the reality in the 7 games Leeds we will b lucky to get 3 points then 6 league games were going to take maximum 3 points bet

    king kongking kong21 dag siden
  • These players don’t deserve him !!

    Yame EntertainmentYame Entertainment21 dag siden
  • Willian is the worst player I’ve seen play for Arsenal.

    Barry McGBarry McG21 dag siden
  • So we are about you, Ljunberg was doing better...

    Jhonki GonzalezJhonki Gonzalez21 dag siden
  • Stupid arteta

    INDO PRIDEINDO PRIDE21 dag siden
  • Let's keep emotions aside and drop Auba. He doesn't work hard enough. We should find a Brazilian Fenerbahce club for Willian and sell him. Mikle Arteta needs to up his own game now, you can't justify 10 losses in 23 games. This season is done, but he needs to fix the attack and at least give the fans something to cheer.

    Kumar SharmaKumar Sharma21 dag siden
  • We clearly need Tierney and Partey playing against the tough opponents. I honestly thought Odegaard has a ton of promise.

    Naba ZaheerNaba Zaheer21 dag siden
  • I frustated againt refrees

    Windra WigunaWindra Wiguna21 dag siden
  • Can't wait for the response when there's nothing left to play for this season Europe league exit coming soon if not this round a round 🤔

    king kongking kong21 dag siden
  • When do we say enough is enough seriously next season just leave man arsenal you f ing idiots for hiring him sallenli hired him an cut what a joke now edu is head of football he don't even know what his doing omdays this club is heading down get it right

    king kongking kong21 dag siden
  • Pls don't put Willian again

    Haziq JasmiHaziq Jasmi21 dag siden
  • The Spanish Tim Sherwood must be replaced ASAP.

    MAX POWERSMAX POWERS21 dag siden
  • We have to play tightly, we pressed them, but we always lack the final touch ... We made a mistake in changing Lacazette and introducing Willian did not give positive energy every pass back, but now we have to think about the next.

    WaiL fares bzWaiL fares bz21 dag siden
  • Comon we need 3 point v Leeds Comon Comon 😤😤😤😡

    WaiL fares bzWaiL fares bz21 dag siden
  • We must put pressure on the referees today. Consa should have come out with the red card, but the referee saw the leader (belerin) not protest, so he decided not to bother himself and go to 😤

    WaiL fares bzWaiL fares bz21 dag siden
  • What is the point in having a reserve side f you don't use the players from there when first team players get injured. Why play Cedric in the left back position when you have a lad who plays there every week for the Under 23's?

    Sam RowbothamSam Rowbotham21 dag siden
  • Arteta out!!!!!!!

    B4444B444421 dag siden
  • *COYG🔴⚪*

    Mahamed AdenMahamed Aden21 dag siden
  • am Gunner but i dont know why arsenal keeps on struggling every season,what is the problem with this team,when last did we finish on top four..maybe at the start of the season they must not follow alphabetically put arseanl on 15 spot maybe they will finish top...totally disappointed

  • Time to leave Arteta you not what Arsenal needs we better than this

    gary Welgemoedgary Welgemoed21 dag siden
  • At least give me back my ARSENAL before u lead & break this team. Even your teacher said "there's no long-term project in football" so stop talk about process. The Process u said just getting worst anyway

    tias desgartias desgar21 dag siden
  • You get what you deserve Mikel by playing out of form players & from the bench

    gary fowkesgary fowkes21 dag siden
  • Please walk away.. you ain't got it.. go back to supporting pep... always chatting nonsense, Making silly excuses. Also please take your bro in law heccy and willian with you. 🖐🏾

    kaykay londonkaykay london21 dag siden
  • It seems our Gun no longer have Bullets 😢😢

    Anthony Defirst1Anthony Defirst121 dag siden
  • I understand why people are upset that Willian came on instead of Martinelli but Willian actually allowed us to keep the ball in key positions with his strength and hold up ability. Martinelli driving forward would have done what exactly? Run into a wall?? Sometimes you need experience. I know it may sound dumb what I'm saying but still consider it. Villa had their whole team in the defense. Martinelli would have struggled. Willian atleast would be able to draw defenders forward and pass it around. It's not always about working hard but working smart.

    Jordan DavisJordan Davis21 dag siden
  • Europa is our only hope. Put all your eggs in that basket

    Shu RaimShu Raim21 dag siden
  • Move on.

    A BA B21 dag siden
  • Frustrated and disappointed, the best way to describe how I feel as having Arteta as manager! Please leave ASAP

    Leon SLeon S21 dag siden
  • What's ur obsession with playing Willian every week

    Unika NgxononoUnika Ngxonono21 dag siden
  • I am Surprise you still have A Job 😂

    Glowbal VeVoGlowbal VeVo21 dag siden
  • Le nouveau entraîneur arrêta pas de jouer com le grand club européen arsenal info recherche entraîneur pour joueur championne ligue

    Modou CisseModou Cisse21 dag siden
  • VAR sux, should have been Konsa Red Card and Lacazette Penalty

    Zakaria AzounZakaria Azoun21 dag siden
  • Arteta needs to learn the difference between dominating the game and dominating possession. Also needs to accept that willian is AWFUL. It's criminal to bring on willian when you have martinelli and ceballos on the bench.

    Jar Jar BinksJar Jar Binks21 dag siden
  • When he subbed in ødegaard and abu arsenal looked great, they were all over villa... Until willian came on, then the team suddenly collapsed completely.

    Thomas HenriksenThomas Henriksen21 dag siden
  • Don’t play Willian ever again

    JUNEJUNE21 dag siden
  • We’re not getting Europe next season

    Edward KellyEdward Kelly21 dag siden
  • I've been asking myself the reason behind selling potential goalkeeper Martinez instead of selling out Leno. That was a regrettable mistake and unwise decision which Arsenal now suffer the consequences. Apart from poor goalkeeping the entire time has lost confidence and morality. I can predict yet another worse season.

    Sylvester JoseSylvester Jose21 dag siden
  • What happened against Wolves and Villa, can you blame Arteta? Hell no! Against Wolves, it’s ill fate and against Villa, it’s players. We all saw a team that can press, score, create and defend over the few weeks before the defeat. So guys, shut up for now! It’s his first season in a pandemic. Football requires not only hard work and experience, but also some luck. If that luck is lacking, how do we blame coaches?

    Amazing FCAmazing FC21 dag siden
  • Jesus 'tecatito' corona

    j achutsj achuts21 dag siden
  • Please sack this Man,Chelsea sack world lampard(Chelsea Legend)who is Arteta that you don't want to sack,It painful losing job but 10 losses in 23games in premier League under mikel Artata. (1)Arsenal vs Aston villa(result)0-3 (2)Aston villa vs Arsenal (result)1-0 (3)Arsenal vs Wolverhampton (result)1-2 (4)Wolverhampton vs Arsenal (result)2-1 (5)Arsenal vs Leicester(result)0-1 (6)everton vs Arsenal (result)2-1 (7)Arsenal vs Burnley (result)0-1 (8)Tottenham vs Arsenal (result)2-0 (9)Liverpool vs Arsenal (result)3-1 (10)Manchester City vs Arsenal (result)1-0. We are waiting for @mikelarteta sacking news🙏🙏🙏

    Wilson DezoWilson Dezo21 dag siden
  • Mikel it’s You, YOU are the problem you use Willian instead of martinelli when we are losing Willian is uninterested He will single handily get you sacked

    Tondzzz TVTondzzz TV21 dag siden
  • Keep Playing Willian and You'll see your Misery shortened

    Rana PratapRana Pratap21 dag siden
  • UK Refs are the worst in the world☹👎

    Little things amuse little mindsLittle things amuse little minds21 dag siden
  • Arteta lol

    Edwin HutabaratEdwin Hutabarat21 dag siden
  • VAR and refs are disgraceful

    Stumpt Dragon5Stumpt Dragon521 dag siden

  • The blame comes to you because you don't have any vision for the team

    Albert BrientAlbert Brient22 dager siden
  • Quick sell david luiz

    シJasonシJason22 dager siden
  • Please leave arsenal fc Mr arteta the fraud. Under arteta arsenal will never be top four. I can promise that

    Kom MartinlenKom Martinlen22 dager siden
  • please dont explain any more, Mikel !! its time to find another job out of Arsenal. Its better for you than here. Arsenal is like a mess stuff, not like Arsenal in precious anymore !!

    Quân ĐỗQuân Đỗ22 dager siden
  • You aren't see anything yet,you think you know anything, arrogance will push you out

    Diyan SafiyaDiyan Safiya22 dager siden
  • We need to focus on playing Leeds. Because after Leeds we are going to Benfica stadium for the round 32 Europa League. So we need to be at our best 🔥🔥🔥🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪

    Kitan OmotosoKitan Omotoso22 dager siden
  • Arteta says, 'I'm frustrated and disappointed'. We're all saying, "Same old. Same old". However. I do find it rather odd that since PEA got his overtly good contract with Arsenal, he's basically done SFA and he's certainly NOT captain material. Not like Henry was.

    The ZanzibarbarianThe Zanzibarbarian22 dager siden
  • What happen to reiss? He never given chances for months.

    Geming dan bermain islamGeming dan bermain islam22 dager siden
  • Fraud. Artetaout

    Vividc0ltVividc0lt22 dager siden
  • Why was Willian put on instead of Martenilli?? I remember before Martenilli was injured Areta didn't like playing him so I wonder is there an agenda there or does he just not rate him?

    Dw EdDw Ed22 dager siden
  • I cant believed emi martinez pull laca jersey

    King KongKing Kong22 dager siden
  • Pepe should have the hunger to do better..the pass received by odegaard towards the end of the game,could have been a goal,if pepe could have played better

    j achutsj achuts22 dager siden
  • Guys just remember that Arteta only played Esr because willian was ill He loves Luiz and Willian over the youth He didn’t play Martinelli before he was injured now he’s behind Willian in pecking order He will make us a mid table club and you are happy Meanwhile Chelsea got Tuchel we will rot

    Teamtakage 1Teamtakage 122 dager siden
  • We play well but we have less bodies in the penalty whenever the ball is crossed there.. Encourage our midfielders to join the attack..we need to take some risks..if we get our midfielders scoring, then we are unbeatable... Our play makes it easier for our opponents .

    j achutsj achuts22 dager siden