HIGHLIGHTS | Aston Villa vs Arsenal (1-0) | Premier League

6. feb.. 2021
262 133 Ganger

A goal in the second minute was enough to condemn us to a second straight defeat in the Premier League.
#arsenal #premierleague #highlights
Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.
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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886 and amassed 13 League titles, 14 FA Cups. Some of their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

  • do you remember olympiacos???????🤣🤣🤣

    brokolisbrokolis14 dager siden
  • Rip arsnal hhh

  • Does xhaka's freekick now predictable from that angle?

    Femi FofeFemi Fofe17 dager siden
  • How is Arteta still here after Wolves and Villa?! Emery wasn't nearly as bad as he is. We might not make it to the top ten even. 31 points in 23 matches, more losses than wins. A big change in this club needs to happen...

    Y KnotY Knot18 dager siden
  • Reload the game & Restart just like FM2020

    qzplxqzplx19 dager siden
  • I am a Chelaea fan but u guys selling ozil made me cry i mean he was such a good guys He was So loyal Its very rare to get such a loyal player And u guys literally sold him

    AARON AAARON A19 dager siden
  • I have always said it. I don't think Arteta is the man

    oshone Shokpekaoshone Shokpeka19 dager siden
  • Imagine supporting arsenal 😂

    Jack LowJack Low19 dager siden
  • No Ozil no party.

    seansean20 dager siden
  • If every team in the league drew every single game next season then ARSENAL can win the prem (But bournemouth must stay in the championship)

    aziz khanaziz khan20 dager siden
  • This is what happens when you disrespect a legend **Özil**

    Heart PlayerHeart Player20 dager siden
  • Ryan with a good performance ❤🤍💣

    Oliver SimonOliver Simon20 dager siden
  • PLAYERS And MANAGERS Lose a game people criticized them. But nobody criticized our current Manager and HIGHER HERARCHY. Coz he won 2 trophies last season.. GREAT!!! GOOD LUCK ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    me&4noobsme&4noobs20 dager siden
  • Mikel Arteta has to go :(

    Leo MessiLeo Messi20 dager siden
  • Ozil : " karma is real broo... "

    Maulana Akbar KusumaMaulana Akbar Kusuma20 dager siden
  • Emiliano Martínez 🇦🇷 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Aquiles DominguezAquiles Dominguez20 dager siden
  • No. Arsenal lose

    long nguyenlong nguyen21 dag siden
  • El arquero de Aston Villa, Martínez, debe ser el titular de Argentina. Por qué?? Xq en los últimos partidos, ni Armani ni Andrada dieron la talla y cometieron errores fundamentales y este pibe la gasta.....en la Premier!!!

    Señor MenéndezSeñor Menéndez21 dag siden
  • THE gunners

    Agung AlghazaliAgung Alghazali21 dag siden
  • I really hope u guys get up from this, even as a chelsea fan it hurts to see a great club fail

    MitchMitch21 dag siden
  • highlights? lol its downdark tbh

    Deva RyantaraDeva Ryantara21 dag siden
  • 90+ plus minutes and the players clearly think your coaching is awful he can work good with 1 2 1 players but this right here is a dishonour

    king kongking kong21 dag siden
  • This club is being run by a discace of a owner a joke of a manger to give arteta the name manger is disrespect to the club your really going to put your trust in someone that's never manged whens the cut of point the players think his crap and you can tell cross the ball in the box that's what he knows the joke is he city would never take him at the club manger there's no club in Europe elite that would take him apart from Walmart owned arsenal

    king kongking kong21 dag siden
  • Bad game!

    Mesaka PuteaMesaka Putea21 dag siden
  • What a ludicrous display

    Gabriel BruneGabriel Brune21 dag siden
  • Manchester united fan like here 👇

    ishant koiralaishant koirala21 dag siden
  • COYS

    Young Man XXYoung Man XX21 dag siden
  • To Me i beg you WE don't want Relégation

    Ndayishimye Yves EmmanuelNdayishimye Yves Emmanuel21 dag siden
    • it won't happen. But we can only hope Arsenal is good enough to make it to the top six

      danh ledanh le19 dager siden
  • Plze the arsenal board help the club get Best Coach who Can help This young talented stars look thé place WE are it's chame there Maximilien allegri there is Laurent who were Barcelone's Coach there is brazirian coach and many But in all Help the club you waste money for Nothing yet thé players the enough think about it plze

    Ndayishimye Yves EmmanuelNdayishimye Yves Emmanuel21 dag siden
  • HA HA HA

    Roni Teguh Adi WibowoRoni Teguh Adi Wibowo21 dag siden
  • I think pepe caused the team very selfish

    Jim JimJim Jim21 dag siden
  • 🕊

    Vladyslav KurbatskyyVladyslav Kurbatskyy21 dag siden
  • where is the legendary arsenal?

    ZachwiejZachwiej21 dag siden
  • Medioker team

    Budi PrasetiawanBudi Prasetiawan21 dag siden
  • These fixtures were make or break united southampton villa wolves = 4 points we got leeds city and leicester next could easily be 4 points out of 21 points in Prem. Arteta has to go hes too small for this HUGE JOB

    Born SinnerBorn Sinner21 dag siden
  • Arsenal are so dumb giving ozil that huge contract now auba they just dont learn. If you have to give him a contract but not big enough no one will match it if u want to sell. Most times i think fans are smarter then arsenals owner, board and contract negotiator.

    Born SinnerBorn Sinner21 dag siden
  • Nooo aterta must go, look how good is the goalkeeper he give to Aston Villa as compared to his signing that's nonsense, look at his formation I don't think this thing is the right coach of our lovely arsenal

    Patmore BongaPatmore Bonga21 dag siden
  • Lol 10th😂

    IkeepslumpingIkeepslumping21 dag siden
  • 💔💔💔

    Chiko's Gaming HubChiko's Gaming Hub21 dag siden
  • Arsenal need new 2 stopper and new coach (Massimiliano Allegri).

    rovshan rovshanrovshan rovshan21 dag siden
  • Highlights? Lowlights more like we need to stop relying on old donkeys who dont want to play

    Lanser1964Lanser196421 dag siden
  • This one hurt a lot. But we're still here.

    alarsenal10alarsenal1021 dag siden
  • Much better man united

    elimolinarielimolinari21 dag siden
  • Forza juve

    elimolinarielimolinari21 dag siden
  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😋😂aston villa bravo

    Sl十l rOllSl十l rOll21 dag siden
  • Corruption at Arsenal board level

    Arnold MutamiriArnold Mutamiri21 dag siden
  • Tbf on Arteta, since christmas we have put in some good performances with the newly identified starting 11. The two games we were lacklustre was against palace and villa. That is when we have scrap for a win. A clear red card and a penalty not given. It had happened again!! How are we supposed to win a football match with these corrput referees giving corrput decisions against us week in and week out. Something has to be done asap

    Mahith Melaka KodituwakkuMahith Melaka Kodituwakku21 dag siden
  • Why Pepe never pass or assisting his teammates inside 6yd box? wanna prove something or what? disgusting

    AND CUT!AND CUT!21 dag siden
  • Trust the process hahahahahahahaha trust a process that plays Willian over Martinelli

    Teamtakage 1Teamtakage 122 dager siden
  • Why this I love arsenal

  • blunder is through their veins...what can i say?

    senal nawasenal nawa22 dager siden
  • I still can't understand why Maitland niles is loaned to West Broom when he can play both LB and RB as a backup option for KT

    Akash MajjiAkash Majji22 dager siden
  • I am glad that invisibles are back

    Akash MajjiAkash Majji22 dager siden
  • Acquires 8-string guitar, plays one string. Acquires Ødegaard for 4 million euros, plays 10 minutes.

    Jan MikaJan Mika22 dager siden
  • “Her Majesty has been fond of Arsenal for over 50 years. Her late mother was a self-confessed Gooner, due largely to her admiration of their former player Denis Compton."..."This is probably due to the team's historical connections with the Royal Arsenal."..."The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich carried out Armaments Manufacture, Ammunition Proofing, and Explosives Research for the British Armed Forces at a site on the south bank of the River Thames in Woolwich in South-East London, England."

    Maurice RoseMaurice Rose22 dager siden
  • Arsenal degradasi candidat

    Ayip NeAyip Ne22 dager siden
  • congrats to martinez.. emi 2-0 arsenal.

    Wisnu NarendraWisnu Narendra22 dager siden
  • if arteta on chelsea he get fired!!!..arsenal win 9..lose 10..????

    masao rusdiantomasao rusdianto22 dager siden
  • lets say that match never happened

    v0idv0id22 dager siden
  • I Hope in europe league Arsenal meet FENERBACHE & Ozil being starting eleven😊

  • Imagine if Arteta is actually sacked and Tuchel came. Man, we will be solid team

    ChristianSiagianOfficialYTChristianSiagianOfficialYT22 dager siden
  • I just can't believe that villa beat us twice this season...arteta needs to go and try his trial and error methods somewhere else

    dennis muli munyaodennis muli munyao22 dager siden
  • I began to doubt Arsenal's chances of breaking into the top 4 in The Premier League and me don't like Arsenal just fighting for a straight ticket to the Europa League group stage every season.

    Ricardo Aouar SihotangRicardo Aouar Sihotang22 dager siden
  • I still rate Pepe highly. He was actually shooting and working the keeper. Also do us a favour and burn Willians contract

    DownsyrDownsyr22 dager siden
  • Arteta out man... look what happen with chelsea.

    amirnizam1987amirnizam198722 dager siden
  • Strange highlights. I would say Emi Martinez pulling Lacazette to the ground for a blatant penalty, that wasn't given, or even looked at, THE highlight of the game. Also pepe needs to get his head up, he could have played smith rowe in there.

    GolfingGoonerGolfingGooner22 dager siden
  • Ever lose. Why? gg ARSENAL

    Ko ZawKo Zaw22 dager siden
  • Agent Willian doing a great job

    DarkEDarkE22 dager siden
  • Martinelli is Overrated.

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache22 dager siden
  • I love how even though they lose, they still post the video... bro I am an arsenal fan

    CHL0R4X lukzyCHL0R4X lukzy22 dager siden
  • Martinez 2 - Arsenal 0

    TheRockTMTheRockTM22 dager siden
  • Reiss..reiss.. please save our season.

    Rizka YuanitaRizka Yuanita22 dager siden
  • Bellerin is a good player, but we need a better one. Pepe is our new walcott, reiss nelson would be better than him. What happen to reiss? He is not injured, why is he not even in sub list?

    Rizka YuanitaRizka Yuanita22 dager siden
  • Selling martinez was biggest mistake ever made

    Pi RoPi Ro22 dager siden
  • I damand a win over leeds united.

  • Ok we had enough, time for odegaard or martinelli to play and Saka to play left back for time being. The kid is mature enough to understand that we need him at LB for now.

    Ariz KamalAriz Kamal22 dager siden
    • @Ire Makinde not trying to be rude but Pepe on the right is useless. Cedric at RB maybe.

      Ariz KamalAriz Kamal20 dager siden
    • then pepe on the right let cedric be rb

      Ire MakindeIre Makinde20 dager siden
  • This club should provide free anti-depressants for fans. I mean what the actual f***!? Fine people make mistakes and we conceded but we had over 90 mins to score a goal... we had an entire game to score one goal against Villa and yet again, the nonsense of a team has let us down.

    TwistedSouLTwistedSouL22 dager siden
  • Pathetic😞💨

    Miyazaki HiroshiMiyazaki Hiroshi22 dager siden
  • The problem not the players , Arteta the problem still learning and he can’t learn either. Disgusting disgrace results after 1 year on the team

    ÔRFالعورفÔRFالعورف22 dager siden
  • arsenal is always arsenal never change from today I quite to watch arsenal

    jijo Ahmedjijo Ahmed22 dager siden
  • Poor,Poor,Poor Embarrassed.

    Patrick. EPatrick. E22 dager siden
  • Willock starting line AMF and score a goal for Newcastle&Win. ERS daddy friends got me here I’m still miles away .

    ÔRFالعورفÔRFالعورف22 dager siden
  • 😞

    Jadi Kreatif ChannelJadi Kreatif Channel22 dager siden
  • Patient Arsenal fraternity. Success won't come overnight. The team is very promising. Arteta is fixing one department at time. Soon the team will b very composed. Next Arteta pliiz - a combative holding midfielder to support Partey. He seems to have so much pressure.

    eliud wahomeeliud wahome22 dager siden
  • I get the feeling that everyone is persecuting Willian just because he played for Chelsea. Initially and by default. It must be "easy and pleasant" to play with this attitude.

    ReeLaggzReeLaggz22 dager siden

    Lagi TobatLagi Tobat22 dager siden
  • Its time

    Mel MarvMel Marv22 dager siden
  • Sorry, but Villa's highlight more lively than this. I mean the commentator.

    Rahmat H.Rahmat H.22 dager siden
  • Arsenal ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Han SyukriHan Syukri22 dager siden
  • Highlights Saka was hunted down Cedric’s charm was passable Laca & Emi fell out and VARparazzi was not interested Others were grinding for results Mings should have been England 1st centreback, but hey he’s not a raging narcissistic White tourist.

    PFxPFx22 dager siden
  • Excellent debut from Matt Ryan although they lost

    Meshy MeshyMeshy Meshy22 dager siden
  • Europa is our last chance, dont care about the league now, play the Europa.

    YanYceYanYce22 dager siden
  • Why after a is not sacked yet? Arsenal and Edu are worse of time. Look at Chelsea, they sack lampatd and what the hell arsenal are waiting for?

    ponpon matondoponpon matondo22 dager siden
  • Just look at how busy our goalkeeper was...we thank God that our second keeper is also good...if not it would have been a different story

  • UCL thropy: Aston villa 1 Arsenal 0

    Narodna VladaNarodna Vlada22 dager siden
  • Arsenal coming back into glorious form. Lmao. Jokes aside, credit to Mat Ryan for holding his own against Villa and a sup-par defending from our own boys. I hope it doesn't ruin his positivity. Props to Villa, especially Emi who obviously is very good at managing his defenders. It's football, there are winners and losers. Just appreciate the beauty of the sport and the players who make it possible.

    Yellow WookieeYellow Wookiee22 dager siden
  • Can Arteta explain why he continues to play Cedricat left-back when we have a very good left-back playing in the reserves. What are the reserves for if they are not given a chance when a first-team player gets injured? Come on Arteta get a grip of yourself and this club or you won't last much longer.

    Sam RowbothamSam Rowbotham22 dager siden
  • Arteta out 😵😵

    syafii cipisyafii cipi22 dager siden
  • So a former European Champion just did the double over a non European Champion.

    HocaneHocane22 dager siden
  • Arsenal has "GUTS" to post this highlight.😁😉

    Vivek MaruVivek Maru22 dager siden