HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs Manchester City (0-1) | Premier League

21. feb.. 2021
288 162 Ganger

Watch a recap of the match action from our 1-0 loss to Manchester City at Emirates Stadium.
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Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Mesut Ozil, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.
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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886 and amassed 13 League titles, 14 FA Cups. Some of their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

  • где аршавин?

    fee deefee dee18 timer siden
  • I guess we can count losing against ManCity only 0:1 as a win. 🤷‍♂️

    stipolandiastipolandia2 dager siden
  • I recommend socceragent01 on IG he is the best agent out there he has helped so many young stars achieved their dreams.

    Shirley TwilleyShirley Twilley3 dager siden
  • Pep loves Arsenal so do I as a city fan they deserve way more 😔 city beat Liverpool 4-1 and crystal palace 4-0 but only 1-0 against arsenal thankgod they didn’t score more arsenal is a amazing team and have amazing fans.Hope to see them 7-5th😫👍👍

    amir khateriamir khateri4 dager siden
  • Adrien go the Bill away from go way

    Aaron WhittingtonAaron Whittington4 dager siden
  • I was care home see work shop 2 Paul Richard Adrien Tracy Watson council's I was care home 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 💪. Karry says Aaron go the I care home ok

    Aaron WhittingtonAaron Whittington4 dager siden
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    عالم كرة القدمعالم كرة القدم4 dager siden
  • Op arsenal

    Ssndeep SsmpangSsndeep Ssmpang4 dager siden
  • we get used to it..LOL

    Mat IcirMat Icir5 dager siden
  • Said it from the begining sack Arteta

    OllekingOlleking5 dager siden
  • A lot has to be done!!

    Dj Mendez KenyaDj Mendez Kenya5 dager siden
  • 1:57 of highlights just shows how crap of a team we are .. nothing but mid table jokers with no European football next season ... useless all of them

    Aaron DavidsAaron Davids5 dager siden
  • Mahrez 👌👌👌👌🇩🇿

    Brahim bramsBrahim brams5 dager siden
  • Eldenny and David Lewis can only do a back pass? The other players are unable to attack.

    자유를위하여자유를위하여5 dager siden

    med medymed medy5 dager siden
  • Seeing Pepe play is a hard torture...

    ИльяИлья6 dager siden
  • Love arsenal for the drama

    Lectro MingsLectro Mings6 dager siden
  • Thought you should know that the player who used to mark Mahrez was loaned out to West bromwich albion. Says a lot about the club.

    BenBen6 dager siden
  • The players totally lacked confidence and and had a very very weak mentality.Awful game from our final third except from SAKA who tried.

    kansiime rodneykansiime rodney6 dager siden
  • arsenal tem que contratar pq esse time não vai parta canto nenhum

    Gols mais lindo golsGols mais lindo gols6 dager siden
  • You can change the name of the club to Positives FC.

    seansean6 dager siden
  • Arteta out ASAP. Dumb coach bench martenelli. Puts Pepe on right ? Saka should be on right. We won with laca esr n saka . He fears pep . Dumb coach dumb things . Arsenal keep up with this and by 2022 the fan base will go from 20 mill to 1 mill . We all leaving soon. Keep the dumbstuff up.

    Jah LivesJah Lives6 dager siden
  • me are mancity fans

  • Allegri in

    Edwin HutabaratEdwin Hutabarat6 dager siden
  • *Smith Rowe vs Saka vs Gabriel Martnielli, if all three young talents play together regularly, all three Arsenal players will thrive. ❤️*

    PVL - TheGunnersPVL - TheGunners6 dager siden
  • Arsenal we are back to default setting

    ileemma kofiileemma kofi6 dager siden
  • 0.48.. Pepe takes too many touches and Bellerin's less than bang average. Need to buy big still in summer please Arsenal! 🙏🏼👊🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    D RD R6 dager siden
  • Collection of average players.

    Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬEthio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ6 dager siden
  • Embarrassing

    Ethan ClaridgeEthan Claridge6 dager siden
  • Tierney should engaged mahrez and covered strong foot was so poor defending.why holding is not tight with man again beggars belief.such poor goal.

    Kungfu KangarooKungfu Kangaroo6 dager siden
  • Honestly u guys don't have shame we lost yet ur posting the highlights

    Gbohunmi Jibrin-YaroGbohunmi Jibrin-Yaro6 dager siden
  • This team only needs two new young lethal strikers... Auba and Laca are struggling to keep up in a young mans game. Promote Nelson and Bolagun!!

    Shaheed MorweShaheed Morwe6 dager siden
  • City were toying with Arsenal.

    Necdet BülbülNecdet Bülbül6 dager siden
  • Arsenal is trash compared to City

    Jahsai AllumJahsai Allum6 dager siden
  • We don’t need bellerin no more handover to Cedric

    Gunner BossGunner Boss6 dager siden
  • Lol emirates is blue :(( 😭😭

    SuperCooperPlayReviewSuperCooperPlayReview6 dager siden
  • Is anyone not gonna talk about how Aubameyang blocked saka's shot which might have gone in.

    just an ordinary dank manjust an ordinary dank man6 dager siden

    Matteo CastagnaMatteo Castagna6 dager siden
  • Good job guys lets win next game

    Kieran TierneyKieran Tierney6 dager siden
  • We need a new striker .. Auba and Laca are past their best. Everyone got excited bout Auba scoring hat trick yet that’s all he has done all season. Pepe can go too

    Aaron DavidsAaron Davids6 dager siden
  • Anybody have an idea what Tierney and Holding were doing for the goal?!

    Md SaifMd Saif6 dager siden
  • Get Rid of Bellerin and Elneny, and Pepe and saka should switch sides

    Roar EdlandRoar Edland6 dager siden
  • at least we didnt lose like liverpool

    4Smile TV4Smile TV6 dager siden
  • Shortest player on the pitch scores a header. This is Arsenal defence for ya.

    Mhmd NMhmd N6 dager siden
  • Arsenal were shocking. No press , not enough forward movement . Auba , Pepe , Mohamed El . If you want to beat Man City get into them , take them on . Saka ESR Tierny Martinelli These are the only players that want to run forward . Not the side to side back , side to side back stuff it was embarrassing to watch . Arteta looked like peps wing man he has to go

    Jason BelfieldJason Belfield6 dager siden
  • Everton, spurs and liverpool is on top of us but city beat them more than us. Thanks pep

    Muhd QairulMuhd Qairul6 dager siden
  • Petition to sack Mikel arteta

    Elon DustElon Dust6 dager siden
  • Saka links up much better with bellerin than pepe. Don't know why the wings were changed for this game. Keeping Elneny on was even dumber.

    Krishan GloverKrishan Glover6 dager siden
  • Don't know why Arteta is so against changes. You put out a lineup and it doesn't work then just switch up the formation and make substitutions. It doesn't have to always be in the 75th minute.

    Krishan GloverKrishan Glover6 dager siden
  • Hope you all realize that the guy who headed the ball is only 1.70 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Gustavo MendietaGustavo Mendieta7 dager siden
  • The highligts : Arsenal boys in the first 5 min had 9 ball touches. This is not good enough, each and every one of you in A Team should take hard look at your self. Grow Up, be men, it is your home town, act like you rule over the place. Nobody is scared playing Arsenal, because you guys don’t give them anything to be scared off. It is an embarrassment. It used hurt loosing games before, now it don’t, because the expectations from you guys are nowhere near a win anymore. I wanted to fall a sleep 10 time during the City game. I see a captain walking, not vocal, no influence on the team or the referee. I see defenders and midfield blaming each other. Start playing for your fans have some respect and dignity leave some good history behind you, most of you will be out the door in nearby. And as far as board/owners stop hiding if you don’t want this great club to win anything sell it to someone who cares. The season is over for me. Don’t care anymore.

    Balkan RespektBalkan Respekt7 dager siden
  • I was thinking arteta will use 442 play lacazette and aubameyang Our coach need to learn how to use all his players they are just wasting 😥

    obi bamideleobi bamidele7 dager siden

    Timo TubeTimo Tube7 dager siden
  • arsenal fans before 2006 : we have to win the UCL ... thats not enough . arsenal fans after 2010 : awww ... we lost 1 - 0 only to man city ... what an achievement

    MKT musicMKT music7 dager siden
  • Ruben Diaz is best cb at the moment

    Yigit Ali ErdemYigit Ali Erdem7 dager siden
  • Auba, at least you can learn from Sterling how to use your head from all the crosses we send to you in the box. You are 6.1 and Sterling only 5.7.

    UdacoUdaco7 dager siden
    • We don't have Mahrez for Auba, we have Pepe instead((

      ИльяИлья6 dager siden
  • Pass the ball to odegaard

    Phan Sỹ PhúcPhan Sỹ Phúc7 dager siden
  • The keen of mind will have noticed that in the first part of this article, the name Sir Henry Norris was not mentioned once. This was because he played little part in the process of the election. In fact the really keen eyed would have noted that sitting on the committee of the Football League meeting was William Hall, equal partner in the Arsenal leadership. Equal, but much quieter. The pair took over Woolwich Arsenal in 1910, moving the club to Highbury and, eventually, bringing in Herbert Chapman. While Norris was happy to take all the plaudits and be the front man, Hall often gets ignored as he remained in the shadows, but he had been on the Football League management committee since 1912. It is far more likely that he, and not Norris, was able to combine with the Catton propaganda and subtly influence the football elite who were eligible to vote. Hall William Hall - Quiet but very effective It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly when the rumours started about Norris’ role in the Arsenal election of 1919. Certainly, nothing appears to have been mentioned prior to the end of the Second World War. What is not so difficult are the type of people who have been portraying the Gunners chairman as some sort of cheque booked Machiavellian genius. Firstly, Tottenham fans whose argument is “well, he must have”. When asked to provide any positive evidence they simply repeat the same tired old mantra. Over the years the events of early 1919 have been told in many club histories and general football histories. As is usual, the story has been manipulated, added to and exaggerated. Tottenham fans have taken over this part of Arsenal’s history and have stated that there must have been something underhand about Arsenal’s election. There MUST have. And the usual accusation is that Norris bribed officials from other clubs to vote for Arsenal. This is generally supported by the “fact” that Norris had laid out £125,000 in moving Arsenal to Highbury and the club still owed him £60,000 after the end of the First World War. A place in the First Division was required to bring in good crowds to help pay off this debt. Secondly, those who are trying to sell a book by sensationalising the events. Their version of events are generally discredited when they get some of the basic facts wrong, e.g. that Norris proposed the vote at the meeting on 10 March 1919 when it had already been decided that it was on the agenda. The sums of money mentioned above have been also been wildly exaggerated - an inspection of the club’s accounts proves this. Indeed one Arsenal history book (written by a Spurs fan) desperately states that Norris was aided by the Arsenal manager, Leslie Knighton. The special meeting was held on 10 March 1919, whereas Knighton wasn’t appointed manager until the middle of April 1919. He also says that Norris managed to secure a vote at the meeting which wasn’t true. How much more of his account can be trusted? At this rate, Norris will eventually be accused of collaborating with the Liverpool and Manchester United players in 1915 to engineer the whole situation! Additionally a third strand has been found in the archives, that of the apparent pro-Arsenal journalist. We won’t embarrass him, but this was what was stated in a premier Sunday national paper in 1984, in an article about directors at football clubs in general: “Who fiddled Arsenal into the First Division in 1919 when the League was expanded and Spurs, consigned to the Second, had finished above them in the last pre-war season? That most roguish of rogue elephants the bald bully from the City, Sir Henry Norris.” Henry Norris A distinctly Un-elephantine Sir Henry Norris Such purple prose aligning to the re-writing of history, but what of the allegations of bribery by Henry Norris? What proof is there that nothing underhand took place? In all of our research we have never come across anyone from within the game of football who said that Henry Norris offered them money to vote for Arsenal on that day in 1919, nor anyone who said that they believed that he may have done so. All the contemporary newspapers report the event with a marked lack of sensationalism. Football circles were used to elections, and this was just that, a valid election similar to many which had been going on since Queen Victoria’s reign. Indeed, there were numerous opportunities for people to come forward and discredit Norris, especially in 1927 and 1929. However, while the FA charged Norris and removed him from football on a seemingly endless charge list - fronted by the proceeds of the sale of the team bus - the 1919 event was NEVER raised at any time. There have been no death bed confessions from those that were allegedly bribed, no accusations from those that were approached by Norris and then voted for one of the other teams, nothing from Norris himself when he felt that he had been libelled by the authorities in 1929. He could have taken down some big names with himself. ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE MADE HISTORY !

    NO DEALNO DEAL7 dager siden
  • Arteta Out

    Levi NaseyLevi Nasey7 dager siden
  • I hate the we we keep winning and losing games we will win today lose tomorrow haven't the players had enough

    Fun centreFun centre7 dager siden
  • Pathetic.

    Bicko SteveBicko Steve7 dager siden
  • Utterly rubbish and unacceptable. Idc who the opponent is we are ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB and we can never be like 'We lost only 1-0' specially at home. Simply not good enough and this is not the Arsenal I know and loved growing up.

    FootballHolic TvFootballHolic Tv7 dager siden
  • Holding is dogshit

    Daniel GramDaniel Gram7 dager siden
  • Is this the real Arsenal handle?, Yes, it is and I am saying that "*There's no way you can convince me as a fan that you are fighting so hard yet players keep toasting the ball around from center to back yet when the opponent gets the ball puts you on the run in scramble for goal and that's how our fellow mid table clubs have succeeded to claim points from us, by frustrating us on counter attacks. To be sincere these seasonal praises we give our players are just compromises and encouragement to the young lads otherwise we nolonger enjoy football like we did in Wenger era. I am saying we because It's me and wifie fabrication, okay"*.

    VanisonVanison7 dager siden
  • Arsenal should rewards Arteta for 5 more years deal.. Arteta can bring more cup in championship league😄😂🤣

    2far4heaven2far4heaven7 dager siden
  • Could you please employ a proper manager!!! Arteta is simply not good enough!!!

    Tony FlowersTony Flowers7 dager siden
  • Cancelo should learn to Quaresma about Trivela shot 😁

    Tito KurniawanTito Kurniawan7 dager siden
  • For a player that came through La Massia, Bellerin's ability on the ball is shocking.

    D ND N7 dager siden
    • He was born under lucky star. Like 90 % of the players, the club has distanced them self from the fans, our opinion is not taken. These players have been in standby mode for years.

      Balkan RespektBalkan Respekt6 dager siden
  • Arteta isn't right for the Gunners

    Mo AliMo Ali7 dager siden
  • Most Arsenal fans are a lost bunch of human beings! Always abusing players. Support the team!

    Sitati WasilwaSitati Wasilwa7 dager siden
    • @Balkan Respekt So, you seem to support my argument. That's why Arteta needs time to weed the team till he fixes it properly. The problems started under Wenger and Gazidis who are no longer there. Sanlehi was also shipped out. Arteta and Edu need to be given time to clear the deadwood from Luiz, Bellerin, Elneny, Willock, Niles, Willian etc.

      Sitati WasilwaSitati Wasilwa6 dager siden
    • @Sitati Wasilwa great things don’t take time. McLaren Mercedes got the best engine and the best driver. City got the best manger and he gets them the best players, with Arsenal it has to be a free signings or over payed . Put together all the signings in the last 10 years and you will see that the club has not made any big profit from the players they sold. The same thing will happen with Laca,Pepe,Auba, they cost us a fortune and will go for nothing at the end. Yes you can play lotto and be lucky once but with football you can not calculate like that. To win big you have to be the best. Right investment, right attitude, right personnel from top to bottom. We need to stop getting these free players from Chelsea, Luis is an embarrassment I have seen him in Chelsea shirt rolling around against us on the pitch just for that reason he should never been given an arsenal shirt. Now days we take players from Real Madrid we pay them the money and they go back for free. We end up lower on the table. We send our great English talents to Newcastle and other clubs, so imagine been at the club from young age waiting and you see Spanish guys coming in and they don’t do anything special or better than you on the pitch but you are the one that has to go. That is not right. There is not much great at Arsenal these days apart us fans that hope thing will change, but we are not asked.

      Balkan RespektBalkan Respekt6 dager siden
    • @Balkan Respekt Support the team! Always whining. Great things take time. Arsenal's decline is nothing new. The club's history tells it all. Performance of football clubs is cyclical; times change, teams change, processes change. That's a universal attribute, but of course fans will always be short on insight.

      Sitati WasilwaSitati Wasilwa7 dager siden
    • Support what ? A captain that is more quite than mr bean , the defenders that are more Charlie Chaplin than him self. They all need to be downgraded to under 21 and let the kids play, these men are not men, child mentality. Probably the most beautiful stadium in Europe and they play at it, like it’s not their home. Enough is enough. Season is over. Just make sure you guys don’t go down. Than you will see you fine payment goodbye. 350k for walking around. Give me a break, Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Pires, were nowhere near the money they make now, and they played 10x better football. It’s a SCANDAL, embarrassing to see the boys on the pitch!

      Balkan RespektBalkan Respekt7 dager siden
  • Arsnal are now 5th club in london, let that sink in

    0_00_07 dager siden
  • Real Legends turn up on these kind of matches and sometimes single handedly turn the match with a brilliant piece of skill.. Abu is not legend and is a long way off.. Arsenal fans be humble and don't expect too much magic from ARTETA pls.. 🙏

    Devin GWEEDevin GWEE7 dager siden
  • We are three to four top players from being a top team,we need Ashraf Hakimi type of fullback who can attack and defend,top left Wenger,top striker,Auba past his best and Laca doesn't score enough goals to take us to the next level.we also need to get rid of four to five dead wood players,next season can't come sooner,we go again on Thursday which is the only our hope to save this season

    Abdalla NoorAbdalla Noor7 dager siden
  • we r really happy for winning againts Leeds, but feels normal to lose againts City. Agree or not Arsenal has change, we're not a Top Table Team againts. thank you for The Presiden and the stupid Board!!!

    Tyreese BondTyreese Bond7 dager siden
  • bruhh

    survivor turnoversurvivor turnover7 dager siden
  • M.

    Productive NightsProductive Nights7 dager siden
  • I love arsenal because they are still loyal and trust to their coach even he is not very good coach,,respect,,new arsenal fans ,,💪💪

    I'm Sorry Please Forgive Me I Love You Thank YouI'm Sorry Please Forgive Me I Love You Thank You7 dager siden
  • What highlights?

    Stumpt Dragon5Stumpt Dragon57 dager siden
  • Pepe, Elneny and Ødegaard are not starting elven players this game!

    Mesaka PuteaMesaka Putea7 dager siden
  • If we are going to play a system with a sort of false 9 that drops back, and links up play, then we can't have Auba up top-he's a good goalscorer but doesnt have the same hold up and link up ability as Laca. If Auba does play in that system it has to be on the left

    Alex GeorgeAlex George7 dager siden

    Mahib-Ul HaqueMahib-Ul Haque7 dager siden

    TeRuiTeRui7 dager siden
  • Arteta out!! He could have played saka on the right and pepe on the left and also why elneny and why no Smith rowe

    DefeatDefeat7 dager siden
  • @Mr DT

    Billy DoltonBilly Dolton7 dager siden
  • @AFTV

    Billy DoltonBilly Dolton7 dager siden
  • From the invincible to this one-shoot-on-target lameduck 😂

    Jack LowJack Low7 dager siden
  • Perdemo 😎

    gato milosgato milos7 dager siden
  • well since we aint going to be relegated, we are happy and thats improvement XD

    panos panoupanos panou7 dager siden
  • Sterling scores a header..pablo mari and Holding are ajoke

    Jeff RussellJeff Russell7 dager siden
  • City went easy cause they're getting ready for ucl

    바닐라 vanila아이스 ice바닐라 vanila아이스 ice7 dager siden
  • I feel sorry for my team

    Bernard WanjohiBernard Wanjohi7 dager siden
  • what are u doing Arsenal?

    MalayneumMalayneum7 dager siden
  • Lol stupid fans exaggerating about 1 shot on target and stuff.....as if we hadn't had worse games than this. City has thrashed both Wenger and Emery in worse manners conceding 4/5 goals to ours 0 shots. Arteta has made us much better than what we were 2 years ago. It's still not enough but the progress is evident and obviously we will reach where we want to. Under Emery we were actually going backwards. These fans are okay with a 2-0 victory with 2 shots on target to Liverpool's 25. But cannot handle a loss where the team actually perfomed really well. The progress is there learn to appreciate we are playing good football. We are unfortunate with outcomes, refereeing and injuries.

    2015 Arya Karkera 582015 Arya Karkera 587 dager siden
  • When you feel bad for your little bro on fifa so you pass the ball around for 90 minutes so you don't hurt his feelings

    Philip LloydPhilip Lloyd7 dager siden
  • Arsenal need to spend more money and buy quality players. Arsenal players are average.

    TCTC7 dager siden
  • This is why i love Arsenal, they dont waste your time in making you lose hope.

    Ahmed SidoAhmed Sido7 dager siden
  • In this game it felt like Pep told the boys to take the bicycles out instead of the lambos😂

    Ahmed SidoAhmed Sido7 dager siden
  • Just stop playing aubameyang he's really awful

    Mina isma WaifuMina isma Waifu7 dager siden
  • Arteta screwed us again with his tactics.

    Spear ScottSpear Scott7 dager siden
  • The fact that Pep went easy on Arteta just so he can keep his job. Levels

    Aymaan .TAymaan .T7 dager siden
    • That's dumb logic.... absolutely childish

      2015 Arya Karkera 582015 Arya Karkera 587 dager siden