Arsenal 0-1 Manchester City | The Breakdown LIVE | Premier League

21. feb.. 2021
24 131 Ganger

Join Nick Bright and Adrian Clarke as they react to our 0-1 defeat by Manchester City at Emirates Stadium.

#arsenal #premierleague
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This is the Official NOworld channel for Arsenal Football Club. This channel will aim to showcase the personality of Arsenal Football Club and give fans more of an insight into what it's like to be at this fantastic club. This channel will look behind the scenes and get closer to the likes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Bernd Leno, Granit Xhaka, Hector Bellerin and more.
Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 14 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

  • Arteta out ASAP. Dumb coach bench martenelli. Puts Pepe on right ? Saka should be on right. We won with laca esr n saka . He fears pep . Dumb coach dumb things . Arsenal keep up with this and by 2022 the fan base will go from 20 mill to 1 mill . We all leaving soon. Keep the dumbstuff up.

    Jah LivesJah Lives6 dager siden
  • Arsenal fc to big for arteta. He shouldn’t be Arsenal fc because he doesn’t know how to lineup and he is wrong the lineup. I respect him but I’m sorry he’s weak . He should give g Martin elli chance. Bellerin and Pepe must send them home. They are not good enough. I’m really really mad of arteta.

    Shiran OmarShiran Omar7 dager siden
  • Where is Thomas partey?

    GEM TVGEM TV7 dager siden
    • Would you want to send on the pitch a player who's crocked and having to heal up? You send Partey onto the pitch, and either he breaks his leg, has a worse serious injury or is sent off after a few minutes game play. Think, before you ask. Partey will return again, but for now, let him heal....

      Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
  • The only goal was a header.. from Sterling!!!!! That’s how you know we played kak. But don’t worry lads, they will upload a training session where we look great and all will be forgotten 😅🤡😘

    Ezekiel XEzekiel X7 dager siden
  • We need a player to replace Pepe . We keeping possession pretty well, there were plenty times we got behind the midfield. We still need one CM who has extreme quality.

    Mark SilvaMark Silva7 dager siden
  • Attrocious performance.

    ChaoskingzChaoskingz7 dager siden
  • ❤👍

    Moha b officialMoha b official7 dager siden
  • Just focus on Europa league

    Duy ĐạtDuy Đạt7 dager siden
  • Got hated back a month or so ago when I said Auba scoring a lucky couple of goals is worse for the team than him not scoring... Man needs a rest because he isn't himself this season, it's clear. A lucky goal will only fool Arteta into playing him for another 4 bad games, then lucky goal again... Not what we need. And Odegard doesn't yet deserve to start, ESR still needs to start. A bit unfair. Martinelli instead of Auba and ESR instead of Ode and we could have at least drawn.

    Radu DiaconuRadu Diaconu7 dager siden
    • @Radu Diaconu lol. I like you man. You seem sound. Yh that’s the issue with Aubameyang CURRENTLY. He’s not got a role. With Xhaka though. He’s not a good footballer. Yes when he’s good he’s a decent player. However as soon as he’s pressed he turns like the Titanic. So lacksadaisical on the ball. I hate his Attitude as well. How can you tell the fans to F*#@ off. And he is part of the reason we bottled top 4 in Emery’s first season. Brighton at home. Gives away a STUPID penalty. Then he walks away like HE COULDNT GIVE TWO FLYING TOSSES. He scores 1 free kick vs Chelsea and comes out saying “I do my talking on the pitch” Remember he never apologised for the Red Card vs Burnley. But Pepe got LYNCHED. Sorry. I don’t mean to cloud your judgement. It’s your opinion I have no problem with that. But for me he’s an average player. There’s SO MANY BETTER PLAYERS out there. Bissouma....Diawara.....Camavinga........Nakamba.......SOUCEK⭐️.........Rice........Kalvin Phillips..............The list goes on

      Zohaib ChaudhriZohaib Chaudhri3 dager siden
    • @Zohaib Chaudhri I'm not saying anything about a number 10... Neither Odegard nor ESR are number 10s atm (Odegard could be but he hasn't yet fit into the team). I see a good number 10 in Grealish for instance. ESR is good, but inconsistent. Better than Odegard, though. I agree with Auba having a license to play wherever in the attack... Much like a false 9 maybe. Don't need 3 strikers to do that though, since like you said he'd have support from wingers and without a midfield of 4 the team would be too thin. But am glad we can agree Auba needs to play with more partners in the attack. It was painful at times today seeing him on the left wing, isolated, with virtually nobody in the attack - there was nobody to pass to, everyone was behind the ball line. I don't understand why you don't like Xhaka. He has been very solid over the past months, very good passing, good work rate, saved a couple of very close chances for Benfica today. He can be a very good B2b midfielder in a 4-2-2-2, as can Partey, as can Elneny or Ceballos, for that matter.

      Radu DiaconuRadu Diaconu3 dager siden
    • @Radu Diaconu Smith Rowe is a natural ball carrier so he attacks wider. The” number 10” i think you may be imagining dont exist anymore. They’re finished. Lol... I can’t agree with you on Xhaka😅. But I think a 4-3-3 with Aubameyang as a “LW” but only on paper. He has the licence to go wherever there’s space and to fill that space you have The overlapping run from Tierney. And now you have Aubameyang AND a target man as well as Saka, Smith Rowe running into the box. My midfield 3 would be Partey (Left)- A DM (Camavinga I’d like) and Smith Rowe as the 3rd in the 3.

      Zohaib ChaudhriZohaib Chaudhri3 dager siden
    • @Zohaib Chaudhri Yes, indeed. He would make a great second striker in a standard 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2 (two CDM/B2B and two wingers). Would be really interesting to see a midfield with something like Pepe - Partey - Xhaka - Saka and a duo like Auba - Martinelli/Lacazette/Nketiah. My personal choice would be Auba - Nketiah because they're reasonably tall and Arsenal loves crosses, a 4-2-2-2 being really good for crosses. We'd also stop wasting a gazillion crosses on Auba alone - Lacazette is 5'8 and unlikely to score from crosses, though I remember he did score once or twice. It may look weird but I don't think ESR or Odegaard are particularly good right now. The current 4-2-3-1 seems built around players that are not fit for it... Odegaard is quite poor wherever you put him, ESR is not consistent and gets placed on the sides, Saka is the only one who's good - and then you have the 1 striker, who is often Aubameyang (with the flaws you correctly pointed out) or Lacazette (great player but always sent too many crosses his way, he's 5'8 after all - probably not going to win a ball from a cross again any time soon).

      Radu DiaconuRadu Diaconu3 dager siden
    • @Radu Diaconu great performance. But I’m talking on a consistent basis. Having a proper 9 playing next to him will HELP HIM MORE Ygm

      Zohaib ChaudhriZohaib Chaudhri3 dager siden
  • Now I understand why you always look terrible when playing against City: You are afraid to play against them !!!

    Pedro CardosoPedro Cardoso7 dager siden
  • Mid table team still sitting in 10th .. no European football for us next season. Useless useless players

    Aaron DavidsAaron Davids7 dager siden
  • Lazy game

    Mesaka PuteaMesaka Putea7 dager siden
  • Arteta Out

    Ricouk74Ricouk747 dager siden
    • @Adam Davies Any Experienced manager is able to beat us. Mourinho, Klopp, GUARDIOLA, Ancelotti, Brendon Rogers, (I worry for Arsenal when we play against Tuchels side), We struggle against Roy Hodgson who’s got DONKEYS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Arteta cannot outwit these guys. He’s not experienced enough. Doesn’t matter how good the players are

      Zohaib ChaudhriZohaib Chaudhri4 dager siden
    • @Adam Davies if it’s his first season as a manager..... Why is he managing arsenal????? I saw this from Day 1. He ALWAYS gets done by top managers. FA Cup Semi Final is the exception. (Don’t mention Liverpool. The Home 2-1 win they were on the beach......... the Shield is a FRIENDLY and was a 1-1....... and The Carabao cup was thanks to brilliant Goalkeeping from Leno) The most IMPORTANT game against Liverpool in the league (match day 3) is the one that mattered and we were well beaten.

      Zohaib ChaudhriZohaib Chaudhri4 dager siden
    • Give him a chance... It's his first season as manager. Things can, and will change.

      Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
  • Shades of Wenger waiting until the 70th to make necessary substitutions. Players that didn’t show in the first 45 rarely turn it around after the break. The early goal for us is usually fatal as we rarely if ever come back and score in the closing minutes.

    El BeeEl Bee7 dager siden
  • Great show guys. I like how you didn't shy away from the fact that we didn't test Ederson or really have a go at City. Such honesty coming from official sources is refreshing! Can you comment on switching the positions of Pepe and Saka? I thought it made them both ineffective

    AGAG7 dager siden
  • If only we didn't concede the first goal. It's exactly the same as how we lost to Villa.

    Zayan KhanZayan Khan7 dager siden
    • Two easy goals..

      BIG HBIG H7 dager siden
  • Another woeful performance .. mid table team at best. Auba needs to go, not worth his wages... in fact none of them deserve the wages they are paid. Should be ashamed to wear their shirts

    Aaron DavidsAaron Davids7 dager siden
  • 4. Arteta needs to give our substitutes enough time to make a meaningful impact on the game. He seems allergic to making half time subs, and giving esr 15 mins and Ceballos 5 mins is not going to impact the game enough.

    Jack BellJack Bell7 dager siden
  • This coach needs to be sacked

    forever LOVE GODforever LOVE GOD7 dager siden
    • Why give me a reason

      404 Majestic bell end404 Majestic bell end6 dager siden
  • We where decent it could have been more than 1 goal

    Victoria BasseyVictoria Bassey7 dager siden
    • We did great defensively, but we weren't very attacking

      Zayan KhanZayan Khan7 dager siden
  • This entire season we never managed to even score a goal after going 1-0 down (except against Southampton). That is an appalling stat

    AGAG7 dager siden
  • At least we didn’t get smashed 4-0 look at the positives

    Mahib-Ul HaqueMahib-Ul Haque7 dager siden
    • A 4-0 loss by showing some aggression and forward pushing mentality May not seem to be suitable but that's something I can accept with my head held UP,not by defending throughout the 90 min with some pointless players.

      Nilothpol BoseNilothpol Bose7 dager siden
  • We dont lose4-1like liverpol

    fetah karimanifetah karimani7 dager siden
  • We dont lose 4-1like liverpol

    fetah karimanifetah karimani7 dager siden
  • Wengerball again, side ways and backwards football. Arteta wants to play possession football but doesn't understand the positional side of things. I'm a big fan of arteta and hope he proves me wrong and get us back into ucl.

    LoGicA GamingLoGicA Gaming7 dager siden
  • Spineless performance. Players are to blame. Doesnt matter who the manager is one can polish a turd and there are too many turds in this team. Mentally weak. Sell most of them and rebuild completely.

    All-FatherAll-Father7 dager siden
    • In short, the whole lot.... I'm not even gonna recognise Arsenal, if the whole team was different. That's not fair!

      Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
    • Sell Xhaka, El Neny, David Luis,etc.

      Mark SilvaMark Silva7 dager siden
  • Pepe was never a goal threats in left .I think we should HV started saka.

    Stephen KivinduStephen Kivindu7 dager siden
    • Ordigaad should came from the bench to smith rowe.he kept giving poor passing

      Stephen KivinduStephen Kivindu7 dager siden
  • Stand with Arteta. We need patience for him and Arsenal

    이동헌이동헌7 dager siden
    • @Bigg Point taken...

      Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
    • @Adam Davies took Alex Ferguson a few years to win one silverware. How does changing manager sort anything out.

      BiggBigg7 dager siden
    • @LoGicA Gaming 😩😔 I'll try and stay patient with Arteta, but the way we're playing... It's like waiting for paint to dry on a park bench.

      Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
    • @Adam Davies took klopp 5 years to win a major trophy. Should allow arteta time considering he won an fa Cup in 6 months.

      LoGicA GamingLoGicA Gaming7 dager siden
    • Patience running thin right now... 😩

      Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
  • I always said we should avoid that early goal. Lose the first half and lose the match because we never score late goals especially not against the best defence. Well, on to Athens then...

    Daniel ShafaDaniel Shafa7 dager siden
    • City were toying with you. Don't delude yourself thinking otherwise

      Lucas MartinezLucas Martinez7 dager siden
  • The last season we see arsenal in, before they get relegated to the lower league.... Good! About time too! Over stayed our time in the Premiership.

    Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
  • Aren’t they allowed to pass to Ødegaard?

    WiikuzWiikuz7 dager siden
    • @Mahib-Ul Haque i believe he should be winger

      deliver usdeliver us7 dager siden
    • @deliver us he lost de ball alot

      Mahib-Ul HaqueMahib-Ul Haque7 dager siden
    • @Boson87 tell that to Zizu... Meeh man..this is a mess

      deliver usdeliver us7 dager siden
    • @deliver us if you like ode so much you should have given him game time at rma. Now can you mind your own business?

      Boson87Boson877 dager siden
    • @Boson87 i am football fan first :3

      deliver usdeliver us7 dager siden
  • This club is a mess from top to these clowns, its a mess. The way these clowns talk is like that we are the best team, but we play like a average mid level team.

    Boson87Boson877 dager siden
  • Pathetic club, this club is a joke

    Boson87Boson877 dager siden
    • STFU.

      SoFiAnE VRSoFiAnE VR7 dager siden
  • tottenham is the best team in london and forever will be

    shutup2shutup27 dager siden
    • @Radu Diaconu I’m not sure they were in the Skoda cup

      Mr PepperMr Pepper7 dager siden
    • @Radu Diaconu ohhhhh you mean the one from Peru?

      Mr PepperMr Pepper7 dager siden
    • @Mr Pepper no, they're that girl's football club who won the Skoda Cup in like 2015. I think their mascot is a goose or something.

      Radu DiaconuRadu Diaconu7 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😂😅

      Liam Talks FootballLiam Talks Football7 dager siden
    • Tottenham? I think I’ve heard of them they are a cricket team right?

      Mr PepperMr Pepper7 dager siden
  • Auba, Xhaka, Bellerin, Mari, Elneny all CRAP. It's embarrassing. Aubameyang is FINISHED. Sell him in the summer

    Omar YahyaOmar Yahya7 dager siden
    • @Omar Yahya only player better than him was saka today for us

      Will ChekalWill Chekal7 dager siden
    • @Jamuna Bose gave away the ball and a few fouls. Not sure what game you was watching

      Omar YahyaOmar Yahya7 dager siden
    • Mari was pretty solid today what r u smoking?

      Jamuna BoseJamuna Bose7 dager siden
    • @maty certainly did well.

      Jamuna BoseJamuna Bose7 dager siden
    • Xhaka was our best player tonight

      matymaty7 dager siden
  • You clowns said "there are positives"?????? Shameless 😭😭😭😭

    Jamuna BoseJamuna Bose7 dager siden
  • Aubameyang must hold the ball more + dribbles to match Henry, not just having the fabolus tattoo. Xhaka, bellerin, kronkea must get off from the club, how many times in a week DT sucks arteta and kronkea, accept the fact you rats DT.

    Jebatio HangJebatio Hang7 dager siden
    • Please don't disrespect Henry

      Omar YahyaOmar Yahya6 dager siden
    • Henry???? Not even close,Henry did wonders in big games where Auba hasn't scored an open play goal against big six in almost one year.

      Jamuna BoseJamuna Bose7 dager siden
  • We are rubbish

    2kharry2kharry7 dager siden
    • I think we could do much better in the Championship... A huge rehaul of the entire team is exactly what is needed.

      Adam DaviesAdam Davies7 dager siden
  • Ahhh

    2kharry2kharry7 dager siden